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  Childwall Woods Trail Run.
This 4.5 mile run starts and finishes at the Childwall Abbey Hotel car park.
Terrain varies from tarmac to sometimes deep mud. It is one of the few runs in the City to include any off-road climbing, from 25m at the loop-line, to 75m at the top of Black Woods. It also has a small, sharp climb right at the end.
To enable the full gain in height, you must cross a number of roads, some of which are quite busy.

  Leave the car park and turn right into Score Lane. After 10m turn right into Score Lane park, and bear left on the path. Turn sharp right at the next path junction, then next left down a steep narrow path, to Barnham Drive. Go right and cross over. Pass Well Lane and Headbourne Close, then left into the park for one lap, so you enter and exit at the same point.
  As you come out of the park, cross over and start climbing uphill through Cross-Ways. When you reach Childwall Lane turn right for 10m, then left onto a track made of old railway sleepers, up to Mersey TV. At the top of this track, keep left on a small muddy path and follow it around the top of the field. As it enters the woods, turn left onto a larger path.
Childwall Woods Trail Run Map
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  Keep going on this path, ignore the exit to Quickswood Close, continue to the exit by Woolton Road roundabout. Carefully crossover the road, do one anti-clockwise lap of Black Woods, and then cross back into Childwall Woods.
  Childwall Woods Map
  As you enter the woods again, bear left on a wide muddy path, then after 25m bear left again onto a smaller, but muddier path. This path runs close to Countisbury Drive. Come to a path junction and head across the footbridge, then turn left. Ignore the next path to the right. As you come to the main park entrance, three paths converge. You want to do a U-turn right, then follow the path on your left back into the woods. This is the path nearest to Childwall Abbey Road.
  Continue on this to Mersey TV. Cross over the large main track at the end of the cutting, and head for the wooden fence in front of you. There is a small gap in the fence to get through!! Follow the muddy path on the other side back to the top of the railway sleeper track.
  From here, run down the hill, through Cross Ways, once again around the park, back along Barnham Drive, and then left up the entry into Score Lane park. This time however, follow the path straight up the hill, bearing left, back to the car park.
  If you are a runner, then the route will take around 30 - 35 mins.
If you're new to running, don't be put off by this route!! Just walk the steep parts, and gently jog when you've got your breath back. Remember that once you've conquered Black Woods, it's nearly all flat or downhill (and the pubs open untill 11 o'clock!!).

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