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TUFA  aims to sell high quality silver jewellery in Contemporary, Indian, Celtic and Mexican styles  at a reasonable cost to the customer.

TUFA gives choice and quality direct to the customer in an easy to use way without leaving the comfort of your own home.
  Celtic amber
    celtic amber charm
        The idea of Crystal Healing is a new Holistic approach to modern stresses and strains of every day life and it's demands on our health.
improves concentrationand devotion.  A protective stone worn in times of conflict.  Helps hearing, heart trouble and ulcers.  Relieves stress by improving self control  Gives serenity to those that wear all the different onyx colours.

used to treat the digestive disorders, relieves biliousness and bloating.  Increases fertility and eases child birth.

used as a wonderful protector for new born babies also helps to obtain and keep wealth. 

claimed to promote longevity and happiness.  Helps women who suffer from PMT amd the menopause.  If placed under your pillow aids a restfull sleep.  gives inspiration and love into your life.

useful for toothache, arthritis,asthma, rheumatism, improves eyesight.  Raises your spirit, increases hope, health and happiness.  Brings prosperity and success, especially in business.  Guards against negativity, encourages tranquility.

  green thing on chain
is used extensively with crystals as it attracts and retains the crystals qualities.
Used to direct the crystals energies to their required locations.  It's a metal of emotion, love and healing.  Protects when worn, eases disorders of vision and helps those suffering fron Hepatitis.

good for the throat and repiratory problems, aswell as rheumatism, endocrine system, spleen and heart.  Treats disorders of the kidney and bladder, good for post operative scar tissue.  Absorbs negative energises, calming nerves.

the spiritual stone.  Helps with the stresses and strains of everyday life, calms and purifies, cleanses and energises.

helps give back distinction in ones life, reduces self distructive behaviour, attracting self worth and love.  Strengthens immune system, regenerates body tissue, aid poor circulation.

regenerative and revitalising influence on the whole system.  Creates positive vibrations, increases self confidence and courage.  Relieves skin conditions especially inflammation, balances sexual drive and attract love.

  pink stone charm
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  The idea of Crystal Healing is a new Holistic approach to modern stresses and strains of every day life and it's demands on our health