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Due to the amount of good links available, and the large amount of URL's which are becoming obsolete, I've moved the links to an external interactive links page, and onto a Delphi Three Peaks Forum.

This means that links can be checked and updated a lot more easily, and also users can enter links themselves. Please feel free to contribute.

You can browse through the forum without registering - but must provide simple registration details if you wish to post a message. If you have any problems, please email me.
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Welcome to my Three Peaks Challenge website.
If you were looking for a "YORKSHIRE THREE PEAKS" website, try clicking here !!!
It should be a good place to start.
Please also have a look through my main outdoors website,
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Merseyventure does not organise Three Peaks Challenges. For an up-to-date list of organisers websites, please visit the "Three Peaks Challenge" folder in the forum. Feel free to add comments or links, or...

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Merseyventure on Ebay..!