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Similar Events in the U.K.

Lowe Alpine Western Isles Challenge - Outer Hebrides, Scotland

"The Outer Hebrides, Scotland is the place for this event that covers over 200 miles on land, with 20,000 ft of ascent, and an additional 50 miles of sea-canoeing. About half the distance is covered by foot, the other is by some form of human-powered transport, such as mountain bikes. Can be entered as a team or individual." Staged early in May.

Green Extreme - Scotland

"Green Extreme is a unique, new company in the rapidly growing world of adventure racing. Utilising extensive experience in event management with key contacts in outdoor recreation, Green Extreme is setting the trend in future outdoor activities."

Hi-Tec Adventure Race Series - England

New this year, following their success in America, Hi-Tec are stageing 2 one-day events in England in 1999 (May and September). Teams of 3 have to mountain bike, trail run, canoe and complete special surprise challenges. Call 01538 703203 for details.

Adrenaline Rush 2000 - Ireland

"The toughest adventure race Europe has ever seen, covering a distance in excess of 300 miles..." Due to take place in May 2000.

Salomon X-Adventure - Scotland

"The ultimate team test against time and terrain over two days. The challenge, a 35 hour race non-stop from Sat. morning to Sun. afternoon with varying activities from mountain biking to canoeing to walking or on a sea kayak whilst discovering the beautiful and varied landscape of the Scottish Highlands!"

70 Wild Miles - Glencoe, Scotland

"47 mile cycle, 10 mile canoe, 13 mile run, in aid of Cystic Fibrosis and Cancer Research, relay and solo" The date for 1999 is Saturday 12th June and they are looking for entries NOW!!

Scottish Coast to Coast Race

Here is the opportunity to run, cycle and canoe from one side of the country to the other. There's great scenery, testing terrain and tremendous camaraderie. It gets underway from Ballachulish on Scotland's west coast and finishes 3 days, and 190 miles later in Aberdeen, on the east coast. You can do the whole event yourself or team up with a partner to share the effort. The race is split into 6 stages held over the 3 days.

The MORPH (Multisport Off Road PHenomenon)

Running, mountain biking and canoeing (optional) over a fixed course. Next event near Ashdown Forest, East Sussex June 13th 1999. Contact Andy Read for more information (tel. 01580 754270).

Here are a few endurance events that involve just one discipline:

Polaris Challenge

These are weekend mountain bike orienteering events in different parts of the U.K.

Karrimor International Mountain Marathon

This is an annual two day mountain navigation race on foot in different parts of the U.K.

Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon

A two day mountain running adventure for pairs with classes to suit varied abilities and additional unspecified challenges/surprises. Held in a different part of the Scottish Highlands each year, sometime between May & September. Other mountain marathons include the Saunders (Lakes), Capricorn and Mourne Mountain Marathon.


These are a series of navigation events using mountain bikes, all over the U.K.

Trail Break

This company organises various MTB orienteering events and MTB weekend breaks mainly in the south of the U.K.

Tour De Trigs - Banbury

The challenge is for teams of 3 to complete the 50 mile course in less than 24 hours on foot over difficult terrain. Never have more than 50% of the entrants finished the course! It takes place in early December - postal enquiries with s.a.e. to Tour de Trigs, 4 The Rise, Twyford, Banbury OX17 3HX.

The Great Lakeland Challenge

A 3-day, 100 mile mixed terrain trek / run including four 3000' peaks in the Lakes. 1999 event to take place 1-3 May. Postal enquiries with s.a.e. to Joe Faulkner, GLC, Bowscar Centre, Plumpton, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9NP

If you know of any other events of this nature, please e-mail, and I will include them too.

Adventure Racing overseas

Raid Gauloises - various international locations

"Make up a team of 5 men / women, take off for an unknown land, confront nature in the wild with no mechanical assistance, face occasionally hostile elements, pull together at all times and in all circumstances, and finally cross the finish line together..."

Eco Challenge - various international locations

"The Eco-Challenge is an expedition-competition for teams of adventurers, each team consisting of men and women combined. The teams race 300 miles non-stop, 24 hours a day, to a finish line via a series of checkpoints. They utilize only non-motorized transportation such as canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, white water rafts, horses, their feet and climbing ropes. It usually takes 6-10 days to complete the course. The first team to cross the finish line together, in full complement, is the winner. If a team loses a member due to illness, fatigue, injury or just plain ole "I don't want to go on," they are disqualified. Only teams that can work together have any hope of reaching the finish line. Honest communication, compassion and remaining mission-oriented are essential Eco-Challenger skills..."

Marathon Des Sables - Morocco

"The Marathon des Sables (or "Marathon of the Sands") is recognized as the TOUGHEST FOOT RACE ON EARTH. Four-hundred competitors representing about 30 countries take part in this annual sporting event which is known as one of the most prestigious endurance competitions in the world. Competitors will cover nearly 150 miles on foot across the serene Sahara desert of southern Morocco...all while maintaining self-sufficiency..."

Hi-Tec Adventure Race Series - U.S.A.

"The Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series season is patterned after such endurance races as the Raid Gauloises and the Extreme Games. Each race in the Hi-Tec series is a sprint adventure race that guarantees to challenge your mind, sportsmanship, and performance!"

Four Winds Adventure Company - U.S.A.

"The Four Winds Adventure Co. was established to provide a professionally organized team of diverse professionals that could help develop the sport of Adventure Racing and to allow athletes from around the world to experience the highest level of personal challenge and push the limits of their five senses."

Beast of the East - U.S.A.

"The Beast of the East race will be an expedition (EXTREME) style race for a team of 3 highly motivated and adventurous athletes. The Beast will be one of the most challenging and demanding human endurance events in the country. The course will cover approximately 300 miles of mountainous terrain and scenic river. The Beast events will have you canoeing the New River, mountain biking the Allegheny mountains and trekking over Virginia's highest peaks. Each team must complete the full course with all members crossing the finish line together. The athletes will be required to utilize various skills to navigate, canoe and bike their way to the finish."

Great Nor' Easter - U.S.A.

"The Nor'Easter Endurance Race combines three grueling events into the ultimate team challenge ever! The entire event is in three legs, on three days: hiking / climbing, bicycling and kayaking. Each leg is designed to be completed in 8 to 14 hours. Each team will consist of four members. Each team will camp overnight together planning for the start of the next leg of the Great Nor'Easter Endurance Race the following morning. The starting line will be the Lehigh Gap and the finish line will be at Fun Town Pier Seaside park, where the closing celebration will be held.Only twenty-five teams will participate in this exciting event."

Raiverd - Spain

"Raiverd is a unique competition which offers nature sports people the opportunity of competing in a team. Technique, strategy, personal resources and experience are the basic requirements for moving through a natural environment. It is a multi-competition based on Man's integration in Nature."

Southern Traverse - New Zealand

"The race involves teams of men and women who have accepted the challenge to navigate a demanding course on foot and mountain bike along unmarked trails and tracks, through indigenous native forest, across alpine passes, and kayak ocean, lake swells and fast flowing rivers that drain the mountain areas."

VO2max Wilderness Challenge - Canada

"The VO2MAX WILDERNESS CHALLENGE is an expedition competition where men and women in mixed teams (of 5 persons) mountain run - cave - open water swim - mountain bike - canoe - orienteer - bolder; a distance of 75 km of wilderness including 3800 m (12 000ft) of vertical change extreme non-stop adventure racing over the Gatineau Hills [roots of the ancient Laurentian mountains] from granite cliffs of the Eardley escarpment at Luskville falls, Through mixed forests, onto rocky outcrops, cross picturesque lakes, streams and ponds. Into caves, past ruins, gardens, over beaver dams, around waterfalls, over eratics, foot bridges, and along nearly forgotten Algonquin pathways to Old Chelsea."

Mild Seven Outdoor Quest - China

"This is a four-day stage race which includes seven sports - kayaking, mystery paddle craft, trail running, mountain biking, team biathlon, off-road in-line skating and mountaineering. Teams are composed of four people including one person of the opposite sex. The entry fee is $3,000 per team plus travel package from Hong Kong into China."

Desert Quest - U.S.A.

"...the native terrain of Arizona will provide scenic desert trails and waters for a challenging 15-24 hour experience competitors will remember for a lifetime."

Authentic Adventure - Europe

The Authentic Adventure TM is an event designed and produced by a team which already has many resounding successes to its credit, and is actively supported by the international press and television stations. Competitors from all over the world are impatiently waiting for the first Adventure which will take place in early 1999.

Race Across California Enviro - U.S.A.

The R.A.C.E. will be a 4 day (July 13-16, 1999) team stage race across the Golden State from Lake Tahoe to the Golden Gate. Four person teams will race across the Sierra Nevada, the Sacramento Valley, the Coastal Range, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to finish at Ft. Point in San Francisco.

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