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This is my first trail run for you. It is about 6 miles long and takes around 1 hour 20 mins, depending of course, on how fast you run, how many times you get lost, etc. It also makes a nice short walk with some pubs, a car park and toilets in Cilcain. Ruthin, Mold and Denbigh are all about 20 mins drive. Either park in Cilcain and run down the quiet road (1/2 mile) or park at the start shown on the map.

The top of Moel Fammau (554 metres) can get quite windy and cold, even on a nice day, so take a windproof jacket with you, as well as a drink for the top. A compass may seem a bit extreme for such a small hill, but if visibility is poor on the top, it will help you find the correct path down.

moel fammau route

START : From the start at Pentre, follow the stone vehicle track heading west. Pass reservoir on your right.Keep going on main track for about 3K.

A : Follow the bridleway as it veers slightly left from the main track (bridleway signpost). Continue to a gate at the next reservoir, go through the style on your left, and up the footpath by the side of the reservoir to a small footbridge.

B : Cross the footbridge and follow the path (muddy and rocky in places) up hill, with ferns on your left. As you get to the top, meet a small road/track, go left up the track to a gate and wall.

C : Through gate and immediatly turn left, heading south, follow the path by the wall. Follow this path along the ridge, a few ups and downs, until the last climb! At the top of this steep bit, you are on a gentle up hill path and can see Jubilee Tower just a couple of hundred yards away. You can get some shelter from the wind at the tower, and have a drink!

D : Leave the tower on a small path heading NNE on your compass, if needed. It decends steeply, with deep heather on the left, and after 200 yards, forest on the right.

E : At path junction and fingerpost, go right, alongside the forest. (a shortcut straight back from here is to follow the north path). Go through a number of gates on a grassy path with a wall on the right. After a steep downhill section, come to a metal gate with a style next to it. Cross it into a lightly wooded section. Continue down the now rocky path to another gate.

F : Do not go through this gate, but turn sharp left and see a track leading to a farmhouse along the top of a field. Follow this to the house, then through the gate and then through another gate at the side/back of the house. (with the house on your left).Continue on path, now rocky and very muddy. Go over raised boardwalk section, and join larger track. Keep going downhill to a gate and small stream crossing.

G : Through gate onto better track. After 200 yards a track joins from the left, there is a stone style in the wall on your right. Cross style and run down edge of field, with wall on your right. Cross a second style and continue through field. At bottom of field, cross style or go through gate, and your back at the start!

If you enjoyed (or didn't) this route, or got lost, or have any comments or ideas click here to contact me. The next route will be Shining Tor, Goyt Valley in Derbeyshire by the Cat & Fiddle. Hopefuly this will be posted to this site for November 99.

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