Some Scrambling Photo's For You !!

Crib Goch, Snowdon (two photo's)

Grade 1 Gorge Scrambles, Lake District (four photo's)


Crib Goch, Snowdon.

climb up to crib goch




Approaching Crib Goch from the Pyg Track.

Although this can involve a bit of easy climbing,

it can easily be by-passed by altering your route.

Most holds are polished and pose no problems.








start of the ridge

The start of the ridge.


Once on the ridge itself, you are exposed to the prevailing weather conditions - which may change rapidly. High winds may force you to reconsider your route to the top.





Scrambling in the Lake District



start of another scramble


The start of another scramble.


Most gorge scrambles will begin at a place where a footpath crosses the river.


You may not see anyone during your scramble, except at these crossing points.


This can be a real bonus on a hot summers day, when plenty of people are out walking in the hills!

wet feet?



Staying close to the water


Often in an easier grade of scramble, the most

sporting line to follow will be as close to the water

as possible. Crossing the water from time to time

is usual for the most entertaining route.






don't slip here!



Don't slip here !


It is important that when climbing a section un-roped, you must not slip!


If you are not able to overcome an obstacle safely, then come out of the gill for a short while until you have by-passed the problem.


Most grade 1 and 2 scrambles have easy escape routes around any difficult sections.




Looking back down the gorge you've just climbed up.

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