The Forest Cycling Code
        Please follow this code when in the forests, for your own safety
  1. Expect the unexpected!
Keep your speed down. Forests have many blind junctions and bends which tighten into hairpins with no warning.

2. Beware of vehicles.
Remember that other vehicles use the forests as well. You may not hear them coming, and stopping can be difficult on some surfaces.

  3. Give way to walkers.
These won't hear you coming. Be friendly towards other forest users you may meet.

5. Keep away from forest operations and works.
Observe any signs or directions.

  4. Hail a horse.
Let horseriders know that you're coming and avoid an accident.

6. DANGER !!
Do not pass any vehicle loading timber until you have been told you can do so safely.

  7. Keep off footpaths.
Remember that cycles are not permitted on footpaths. Tracks and bridleways are OK. Observe any "no cycles" signs.

have fun!!!
Remember to take with you:
spare inner tube,
puncture repair kit,
tyre levers,
cycle pump,
allen keys,
multi spanner,

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        Follow this code and have a safe ride in the forests.
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Also useful for longer rides:
map and compass,
spare cables,
chain lube,
link extractor,
coins for telephone,
some money for the pub!!

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