Easy Mountain Bike Route
  Goyt Valley, Errwood and Fernilee Reservoir, Derbyshire.
        This 20 mile easy route through the scenic Goyt valley makes a fine introduction to mountain biking. It is divided equally between quiet lanes and well surfaced wide tracks. There are no major climbs or difficult descents to negotiate. Extra care should be taken on the road section C to D, A5004, which may have a lot of traffic.
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    START:  During the summer months a one way system operates in the Goyt Valley, travelling south from the start car park. This car park can become full, but there are further car parks by Goyts Moss, which must be approached from Errwood Reservoir.
leave the car park and turn right onto the tarmac road, heading south. This road heads up through the Goyt Valley and although only slightly uphill, can be very energy sapping on a warm day. Cross
Derbyshire Bridge after about 2km and shortly after come to a junction/car park, A.
From the road you are on, turn left just before the car park, which also has toilets, onto a wide stoney track, with the main car parking area now on your right. This is the original Buxton Road. Follow this uphill to the top. After even a small amount of rain, this road is liable to flooding, but is still easily ridable. Continue over the top and descend towards
Burbage. The track improves, eventually to tarmac, continue downhill, now with some speed, to a junction with a main road, B.
Burbage, come to a junction with a main road and  bear left. Follow this gently downhill for about 1km to a main road junction - turn left - steeply uphill on the A5004, Long Hill. C.
Shortly after turning left, a roadsign confirms that you are on
Long Hill. The gradient of the road should confirm this too! After a left hand bend in the road, the climb eases to a somewhat less exhausting ascent. After 1km of straight road, cross over where the main road bends left, onto a small tarmac road (in effect-straight ahead), D.
The road leads uphill (roman road as shown on the OS map) pass some buildings on your left and the surface becomes rocky and rutted. Go through a gate and after a short climb reach the top of the hill. Continue along the track, it soon turns back to tarmc, fast descent. Shortly after seeing buildings on your left
(White Hall Outdoor Pursuits Centre) bear right at cross-road track junction, onto a rough downhill track, to road junction, E.
goyt valley/buxton map
Turn right onto the small tarmac road for about 2km. Nice downhill followed by short climb. After passing through some crags at the top of the climb, descend more quickly to
Combs. Shortly after a road meets on the right, hit the brakes and turn left onto a stoney and rocky uphill track - Long Lane. F.
Continue on
Long Lane, it levels out after the initial climb. After contouring around Ladder Hill, descend to a road junction. Turn right, more downhill, to houses. Turn second left (opp. telephone) into quiet estate. Road becomes track, keep following and observe any diversion around Shallcross Hall Farm. Downhill on rough track to major road crossing, G.
Carefully cross over the
A5004 to a car park/layby. Find the track leading down to the River Goyt and ford it, or use the footbridge. Head steeply up a rocky and muddy track through a graveyard, to the church at the top. Get your breath back, then turn left along a track, away from the village (Whiteleas Road). Keep bearing right on this track, to Overton Hall Farm. H.
At the farm turn left onto a track descending gently, then more steeply, sharp right turn on similar track and then very steep down to river crossing. Hairpin turn at river then start climbing, through several gates, to
Madscar Farm. Before the farm, enter bridleway gate on your right, and head right on the bridleway to some gates. I.
Turn left through the gates and head up a stoney track. Bear right at footpath junction
(Normanwood) and continue to some more farm buildings. Take the forestry track leading gently uphill to the forest. Continue on this path for almost 2km through Hoo Moor, to a gate at the end, and a road. Turn left on the road back to your car.
    Idealy, this route should be copied onto OS Map : Outdoor Leisure 24, White Peak.
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