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Team photo at Glen Nevis '97
Some photo's from our 1997 and 1998 challenges, Fire Service Three Peaks
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Ben Nevis    
Ben Nevis
Our 1997 team : Dave Price, Janet Stockley, Richie Evered, Carl Mathews, John Morris and Chris Wagstaff.
Total time for 1997 : 18hours 17minutes

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    team before the start, Fort William
top of the Ben in mist, again...
Our fist attempt at the FSSAA challenge taught us some useful lessons. After driving for eight hours to Fort William, the floor of a fire station is not the ideal place to stay, especially when sharing with two other walking groups, one leaving at 5am.
Visitor center car park, Glen Nevis.
Tourist path, Ben Nevis
start line, 1998
Poor visibility on the top of Ben Nevis should be no surprise !!
relax the night before...
Good accommodation for the night before will pay dividends later... 1998
Start line of the 1998 FSSAA challenge.
  Richie in the Nevis path
start photo at Glen Nevis,98  
Here's some pictures and results from our 1998 challenge, where we finished 13th overall, from 150 teams. First was North Wales Fire Service with a time of only 15hours:09mins
1998 Fire Service Three Peaks Challenge
mountain times.

Ben Nevis - 3:13
Scafell       - 2:59
Snowdon  - 1:37

Total climb -   7:49

Drive time  - 10:17

Event Total - 18:06
Our 1998 team : Richie Evered, John Morris (support), Dave Price, Frank Campbell, Bobby Jackson, Mick Harris (support) and Janet Stockley (support).