Three Peaks Challenge
Driving notes and routes
One of the hardest parts of the challenge is driving between the hills. This alone will clock up some 500 miles, and take around 10 hours. Remember that you will have to drive to the start of the challenge, and then, of course, drive home afterwards. So your round trip will be at least 1,000 miles, but realisticaly a lot further unless you live on the route.
Other things that need to be done whilst travelling:

Changing wet clothes
Top up water bottles
Replace used items
Change maps and route cards
Get Fuel
Toilet stop
Sleep !!!
For this reason, a dedicated pair of drivers would be invaluable to share the driving and navigation. If this isn't possible, you will have to take it in turns to drive and navigate, whilst the others sort themselves out and get some rest.
Remember that the more tired a driver becomes, the chances of them driving unsafely, getting lost, taking chances or falling asleep increase.
Running late?  Speed cameras are in use throughout the country. The last time I drove to Scotland I saw three laser speed traps, set up from ordinary unmarked Police cars, above the motorways on a bridge. If you are speeding - by the time you see these traps you will have been caught.
It is quite possible to be banned from driving during a single challenge attempt, and you won't find out until a few weeks later....
Many challenge organisers now impose a minimum driving time of 10 hours, so there really is no reason to speed anyway.
Don't forget to do basic vehicle checks before you leave home, oil, tyre pressures, washer bottle etc, and make sure that the jack and wheelbrace won't be stored underneath everyone's kit. Sort out a light for the navigator which won't annoy the driver during darkness. Try to fuel up before the start, will the vehicle need fueling en-route? If so, where? And is the petrol station 24 hour?
Route details
From Fort William
A82 south to Crianlarich
A85 south to M9
Stirling Services
Join M80 to J4
A80 to M73
Join M74 south
Bothwell Services
M74 to J44 M6
A7 to Carlisle
A595 to Gosforth
At Gosforth, minor road
to Wasdale Head

Minor roads back to A595
A595 south toward Barrow
A5092 to Lowick
A590 to Newby Bridge
A591 to M6
M6 south
Forton Services
Charnock Richard Services
Join M56 after J20
M53 south into A55
A55 toward Bangor
A5 south for 100metres
B4366 to roundabout
B4547 to T junction
Left into A4086 to Llanberis.
Continue for Pen-y-Pass.
These route details are subject to change as roads are improved etc. Check the route on an up-to-date road map before starting.
Checking Teletext for any travel info will help you decide on the best route for you to use.
three peaks driving route