Timely Words

Time is important to all of us; some have too much, others too little, some waste their time; others use every second. However, one thing is certain: one day time will run out for everyone. If you can spare the time, take a look at the following list of words containing the combining form chron- or chrono-, meaning 'relating to time', from the greek word for time khronos.

achronismTimelessness or lack of time
algesichronometerAn instrument for recording the time required for the perception of a painful stimulus
allochronicNot occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase
anachronicWrong in date, characterised by anachronism
anachronism1 The assigning of an event, custom or circumstance to a wrong period or date - 2 Anything out of date or incongruous with the present
anachronisticOf, relating to or involving an anachronism
asynchronousNor existing or occurring at the same time
catachronobiologyThe study of the deleterious effects of time on a living system
chronThe smallest subdivision of geologic time
chronalOf or relating to time
chronaxiaSynonym of chronaxie
chronaxieThe minimum interval of time necessary to electrically stimulate a muscle or nerve fibre, using twice the minimum current needed to elicit a threshold response
chronaximeterAn instrument for measuring chronaxie
chronaximetryThe measurement of chronaxie
chronaxisSynonym of chronaxie
chronaxySynonym of chronaxie
chronic1 (Of a disease, social problem, etc.) of long duration, or apt to recur - 2.(coll.) habitual - 3.(coll.) very bad, severe
chronicityCharacterised by long duration; the state of being chronic
chronicle1 A register or history of events in order of time - 2 a history, a record - 3 A narrative account
ChroniclesThe name of two books of the Bible, recording the history of Israel and Judah until the return from Exile
chronobiologyThe branch of biology concerned with cyclical physiological phenomena
chronoclineGradual change in one lineage over time
chronocyclegraphA chart for examining fine details of movement over time, such as the hand movements of an assembly worker
chronogenesis1 The time sequence of occurrences of organisms in stratified rock - 2 The history of the development of a group of organisms
chronognosisThe subjective realisation of the passage of time
chronogram1 A date given by taking the letters of an inscription which coincide with Roman numerals and printing them larger than the rest - 2 The record produced by a chronograph
chronograph1 An instrument for measuring and registering very small intervals of time with great precision - 2 A stopwatch
chronographyA description of past events
chronological1 In order of occurrence in time - 2 Of or relating to chronology
chronology1 The study of historical records etc. in order to determine the sequence of past events - 2 An arrangement of dates of historical events - 3 A tabular list of dates
chronomancyThe divination of the best time to do something, determination of lucky and unlucky days, especially popular in ancient China
chronometer1 An instrument that measures time with great precision, especially one used in navigation at sea - 2 Any instrument that measures time, such as a sundial, clock or watch
chronometryThe science of accurate time measurement
chronooncology1 The study of the influence of biological rhythms on neoplastic growth - 2 Anticancer treatment based on the timing of drug administration
chronopharmacologyThe study of rhythmic, predictable-in-time differences in the effects and/or pharmacokinetics of drugs both in experimental animals and in men
chronopherA contact maker for transmitting time signals
chronophiliaSexual attraction to a partner of significantly different age
chronophobiaA morbid or neurotic fear of the duration or immensity of time
chronophotographyThe taking of a set of photographs of a moving object at regular intervals
chronoscope1 An instrument for measuring very small intervals of time - 2 A chronometer in which figures are seen through apertures in a dial
chronosemicEmploying intervals of time with a fixed significance (as in a system of signalling) by exposing visual objects or sounding audible signals for selected intervals of time
chronospeciesA species which is reproductively isolated from its relatives by existing in a different time period
chronostichonA chronogrammatic line of verse
chronostratigraphyThe branch of geology concerned with establishing the absolute ages of strata
chronotaraxisDistortion or confusion of the sense of time
chronotherapyThe treatment of an illness or disorder by administering a drug at a time of day believed to be in harmony with the body's natural rhythms
chronothermalRelating to time and temperature
chronothermometerA chronometer whose rate is altered by temperature changes
chronotropicAffecting the rate of rhythmic movements such as the heartbeat
chronotropismThe modification of the rate of a periodic movement, such as the heartbeat, through some external influence
dendrochronologyThe science of dating events by the comparative study of the annual growth rings in timber and tree trunks
desynchroniseDisturb the synchronisation of; put out of step or phase
diachronicConcerned with the way in which something, especially language, has developed and evolved through time
diachronismThe occurrence of a feature or phenomenon in different geological periods
dischronationA disturbance in the consciousness of time
dyschronousNot synchronous
gastrochronorrheaExcessive continuous gastric secretion
geochronologyThe branch of geology concerned with the dating of rock formations and geological events
geochronometricRelating to geochronological measurement
geosynchronous1 Of, relating to, or being an orbit that has a period of one sidereal day- 2 Geostationary
glottochronologyThe use of statistical data to date the divergence of languages from their common sources
heterochronic(In biology) occurring at different times or intermittently
homochronousSomething which occurs at the same age in related individuals from succeeding generations
isochronA line on a diagram or map connecting points relating to the same time or equal times
isochronia1 The state of having the same chronaxie - 2 Agreement, with respect to time, rate, or frequency, among processes
isochronousOccurring at the same time
metachronismAn error committed in chronology by placing an event after its real time
monochronicExisting at the same time; contemporaneous
myochronoscopeAn instrument for timing a muscular impulse, i.e., the interval between the application of the stimulus and the muscular movement in response
panchronicPertaining to or designating linguistic study applied to all languages at all stages of their development
parachronismAn error in chronology, especially by assigning too late a date
parachronology1 Practical dating and correlation of stratigraphic units - 2 Geochronology based on fossils that supplement, or replace, biostratigraphically significant fossils
photochronograph1 (Physics) An instrument for recording minute intervals of time using a series of photographs - 2 (Astron.) An instrument for the photographic recording of star transits
plastochroneTime interval between forming next leaves in a plant
prochronismThe error of assigning to an event a date before its real date
pseudochronismA false dating, an error in date
synchrocyclotronA cyclotron able to achieve higher energies by decreasing the frequency of the accelerating electric field as the particles increase in energy and mass
synchromeshA gear shift system in which the gears are synchronised at the same speeds before engaging to effect a smoothe change
synchronicConcerned with something, especially a language, as it exists at one point in time
synchronicity1 The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discenible causal connection- 2 Synchrony
synchroniseCause to occur or operate at the same time or rate
synchronologyContemporaneous chronology
synchronous1 Existing or occurring at the same time - 2 (Astron.) Making or denoting an orbit around the earth or another celestial body in which one one revolution is completed in the period taken for the body to rotate about its axis
synchrony1 Simultaneous action, development or occurrence - 2 Synchronic treatment or study
synchrotronA cyclotron in which the magnetic field strength increases with the energy of the particles to keep their orbital radius constant
tautochroneA curve on which an object falling under gravity will reach the bottom in the same amount of time, no matter from where it starts
tautochronousOccupying the same time; pertaining to, or having the properties of, a tautochrone
tephrochronologyThe study of tephra deposits to determine their age relationships

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