Scorpio Tales

The Stories

Click on a stinger, read and enjoy.

A Bit Of A MessA Bit Of A MessHe'd catch that fly if it killed him!8915 Words
A Good Night's SleepA Good Night's SleepSo peaceful.564 Words
A Heart Of GoldA Heart Of GoldHis favourite meal!933 Words
Dear JaneDear JaneForever yours.1321 Words
DietDietRelease the thin person inside yourself!3696 Words
Dirty WorkDirty WorkSomeone has to do it!873 Words
EllaEllaHe promised to always care for her.1850 Words
Enjoy Your MealEnjoy Your MealThe best burgers in town!4500 Words
Going BackGoing BackThe train was on time.3551 Words
Gone AwayGone AwayWhere did everybody go?5933 Words
Misty HollowMisty HollowHe should have listened to his mother.3274 Words
Mrs Meredith Meets The DevilMrs Meredith Meets The DevilSuch a nice young man!2932 Words
No SmokingNo SmokingSome people simply ignore all the rules!340 Words
PriscillaPriscillaShe was almost all a man could wish for.3289 Words
pussPussSuch a sweet little cat!2570 Words
Room 13Room 13A gambler to the end!5543 Words
School's OutSchool's OutEverybody has to go to school.1137 Words
Some Time LaterSome Time LaterDeath is very boring!3329 Words
Someone's At The DoorSomeone's At The DoorWho's there?1039 Words
Strawberry Ice CreamStrawberry Ice CreamWhat could be better on a hot summer's day?3845 Words
Teacher's PetTeacher's PetThe class from Hell.4917 Words
The Alpha BugThe Alpha BugCan a computer forget?1905 Words
The Changing PlaceThe Changing PlaceSame place, same time.6535 Words
The EscapeThe EscapeThere was only one way out.664 Words
The FloodThe FloodNot the way it was meant to be.1049 Words
The InterviewThe InterviewThe position of a lifetime!976 Words
The PrisonerThe PrisonerHe needed to run free.573 Words
The Silver LocketThe Silver LocketWere they fated to be together?4189 Words
The WatcherThe WatcherThe wisest being that ever was.1425 Words
The WebThe WebThe spider created it just for him.8619 Words
Uncle Pete's KnifeUncle Pete's KnifeHe could carve anything with it.2795 Words

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