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X marks the spot
A cliché from the earliest days of newspaper photography where the scene of the crime would be shown with an X to mark where the deed was done. It goes back even further in romantic accounts of such things as pirate treasure maps. The expression was being used jokingly by the 1920s, and now can be found as a formula phrase.

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Yellow press - popular newspapers
As an early experiment in mass-produced colour-printing to increase circulation, the New York World produced in 1895 a cartoon in which the main character was a little girl in a yellow frock. One result of this was the coinage of the term yellow press to describe popular sensational newspapers as a whole.
Young Turk - young and rebellious or unmanageable member of an organisation
The original Young Turks were a reformist political movement in the Ottoman Empire. It was founded in 1889, brought about constitutional changes in 1908 after a revolt, was successful in the Balkan Wars of 1912-13, but was dissolved at the end of the First World War when the Ottoman Empire, having fought in the German cause, was broken up. The name reflected both the desire to rejuvenate a declining empire and the youthfulness of its founders (young army officers) and some of its supporters (students). In modern English use, the implication of unreliable extremism owes less to the actual Young Turks than to the old-fashioned English view of Turks as rather hot-headed and violent people.

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