You're Sacked!

When someone loses their job, they may be dismissed, sacked, fired or kicked out; they may be out on their ear or on their neck; they may be shown the door or they may be given their cards, their marching orders, the push, the elbow, the old heave-ho or the order of the boot.
....Some professions, however, have their own individual terminology for such a situation: for instance, a clergyman may be defrocked, a lawyer may be disbarred and an army officer may be cashiered.

This being the case, why should not people in other walks of life also have their own terms for dismissal?

An actor could be departed.

A balloonist could be deflated.

A banker could be discredited.

A bishop could be disgraced.

A botanist could be deflowered.

A bully could be demeaned.

A butcher could be disjointed.

A cardiologist could be disheartened.

A cashier could be destilled.

A celebrity could be defamed.

A climber could be dismounted.

A composer could be disconcerted.

A conjuror could be disillusioned.

A convict could be discriminated.

A cowboy could be deranged.

A cricketer could be detested.

A dentist could be extracted.

A diplomat could be disconsolate.

An electrician could be discharged.

An engine-driver could be distrained.

A fiancÚ could be disengaged.

A firefighter could be put out.

A florist could be disarranged.

A gambler could be discarded.

A gravedigger could be disinterred.

A gunsmith could be disarmed.

A hairdresser could be distressed.

A horseman could be derided.

A horticulturist could be disbudded.

An immunologist could be disinfected.

An investor could be unappreciated.

A jailer could be excelled.

A joiner could be dislocated.

A journalist could be depressed.

A judge could be dishonoured.

A mathematician could be nonplussed.

A model could be deposed.

A mortician could be disembodied.

A musician could be denoted.

A neurologist could be unnerved.

An office-worker could be defiled.

An organist could be stopped.

A pharmacist could be dispensed.

A photographer could be undeveloped.

A poet could be diversified.

A policeman could be unwarranted.

A prisoner could be disbarred.

A prospector could be disclaimed.

A prostitute could be delayed.

A quizmaster could be unanswered.

A rioter could be demobbed.

A rock guitarist could be disbanded.

A salesman could be disordered.

A sculptor could be disfigured.

A statistician could be discounted.

A steel worker could be distempered.

A stripper could be redressed.

A solicitor could be distorted.

A sorcerer could be disenchanted.

A tennis player could be defaulted.

A traffic warden could be defined.

A tree surgeon could be deforested.

A wine merchant could be deported.

A witch could be dispelled.

A writer could be described.

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