Killing Words

Not only do humans have an inordinate propensity for killing things ......
as you will see from this page they also have an inordinate propensity for creating words about killing things.

Words concerning death, destruction, extermination and deliberate killing usually end in the prefix -cide. The -cide ending came to us from Middle French and originates in the Latin -cida, from caedere, meaning "to kill".

NOTE: While some -cide words refer exclusively to the act of killing a specific thing or person (e.g. herbicide); others can refer alternately to the act itself or to the person performing the act (e.g. homicide).

Words for the killing of one's relations

filicide, prolicidekilling of one's offspring
fratricidekilling of one's brother or sister
mariticidekilling of one's husband
matricidekilling of one's mother
parenticidekilling of one's parent(s)
parricidekilling of a parent or other close relative
patricidekilling of one's father
sororicidekilling of one's sister
suicidekilling of oneself
uxoricidekilling of one's wife

Words for the killing of other people (Murder)

amicicidekilling of a friend
Brahminicide, Brahmanicidekilling of a Brahmin
Christicidekilling of Christ
episcopicidekilling of a bishop
femicide, gynaecidekilling of a woman
feticide, foeticidekilling of a fetus
hereticidekilling of a heretic
homicidekilling of any human being
hospiticidekilling of a guest or a host
hosticidekilling of an enemy
infanticidekilling of an infant
modernicidekilling of a modernist
neonaticidekilling of an infant in the first 24 hour of life
philosophicidekilling of a philosopher
prenticecidekilling of an apprentice
regicidekilling of a king
senicidekilling off of old men
tyrannicidekilling of a tyrant
vaticidekilling of a prophet

Words for the killing of animals

apricidekilling of boars
avicide, birdicidekilling of birds
bovicidekilling of oxen
canicidekilling of dogs
cervicidekilling of deer
ceticidekilling of whales
elephanticidekilling of elephants
felicidekilling of cats
gallicidekilling of fowls
gallinicidekilling of poultry
hirudicidekilling of leeches
lupicidekilling of wolves
macropicidekilling of kangaroos
molluscicidekilling of snails/molluscs
muricidekilling of shellfish
ovicidekilling of sheep
perdricidekilling of partridges and peafowls
piscicidekilling of fish
raticidekilling of rats and mice
rodenticidekilling of rodents
serpenticidekilling of snakes
siblicidekilling of siblings in animal groups
talpicidekilling of shrews
tauricidekilling of bulls
ursicidekilling of bears
vaccicidekilling of cattle
vermicidekilling of worms
verminicidekilling of vermin
vulpicidekilling of foxes

Words for the killing of insects

acaricide, miticidekilling of mites
adulticidekilling of adult insects
anophelicide, mosquitocidekilling of mosquitos
aphidicide, aphicidekilling of aphids
apicidekilling of bees
arachnidicidekilling of spiders or scorpions
blatticidekilling of cockroaches
cimicidekilling of bedbugs
culicidekilling of gnats or mosquitos
formicidekilling of ants
insecticidekilling of insects
larvicidekilling of insect larvae
lousicide, pediculicidekilling of lice
muscicidekilling of flies
pesticidekilling of pests
pulicide, pulicicidekilling of fleas
tickicidekilling of ticks

Words for medicines & drugs for killing

amebacide, amebicide, amoebicidekilling of amoebas
anthracocidekilling of anthrax
ascaricide, filaricide, lumbricidekilling of roundworms
bacillicidekilling of bacilli
bactericide, bacteriacide, bacteriocidekilling of bacteria
cytocidekilling of cells
fasciolicidekilling of liver flukes
febricidekilling of (reducing) fever
gametocide, plasmodicide, schiconticidekilling of malarial parasites
germicidekilling of germs
globulicidekilling of blood corpuscles
helminthicide, vermicidekilling of intestinal worms
microbicidekilling of microbes
nematocide, nematicide, nemacidekilling of nematode worms
oxyuricidekilling of oxyuris worms (pinworms)
parasiticidekilling of parasites
protozoacidekilling of protozoans
sarcopticidekilling of itch mites
scabicide, scabieticidekilling of scabies
schistosomacide, schistosomicidekilling of blood flukes
spermicide, spermatocide, spermatozoicidekilling of sperm
spirillicidekilling of spirilla bacilli
spirocheticide, spirochaeticidekilling of spirochetes bacilli
sporozoiticidekilling of sporozoites
staphylocidekilling of staphylococcus bacilli
streptococcicidekilling of streptococci bacteria
taenicide, taeniacide, teniacide, tenicidekilling of tapeworms
treponemicidekilling of parasitic bacteria
trichomonacidekilling of diarrhea-causing parasites
trypanocide, trypanosomacidekilling of sleeping sickness infection
toxicidekilling of (eradicating) toxins
tuberculocidekilling of tuberculosis bacilli
tumoricidekilling of cancerous cells
viricide, virucide, viruscidekilling of viruses

Words for killing plant life

algaecide, algicidekilling of algae
floricidekilling of flowers
fungicidekilling of fungi
herbicide, phytocidekilling of plants
sporicidekilling of fungal spores
weedicidekilling of weeds

Words for miscellaneous killing & destruction

autocidekilling someone with a motor vehicle
biocidedestruction of living organisms
deicidekilling of a god
facticidekilling of facts (distorting the truth)
famicidedestruction of someone's reputation
fideicidedestruction of a faith
giganticidekilling of a giant
legicidedestruction of laws
liberticidedestruction of liberty
logocide, verbicidedestruction of the meaning of words
menticidedestruction of the mind (brainwashing)
monstricidekilling of a monster
ovicidekilling of eggs
parasuicidemimicking of the act of suicide; deliberate self harm
suitorcidekilling of a suitor's chances with a potential mate
tomecidedestruction of books
urbicidedestruction of a city
utricidestabbing of an inflated skin vessel in place of killing someone

Words for mass killing & destruction

ecocidedestruction of the entire natural environment
ethnocidedestruction of an entire culture
genocidedestruction of an entire national, ethnic or religious group
mundicidedestruction of the entire world
onmicidedestruction of all living things
populicidekilling of all people
speciocidedestruction of an entire species

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