A homonym is a word that has the same spelling and the same pronunciation as another word, but has a different meaning from it. For example, bill can be a noun meaning a written statement of money owed, but it can also be a noun meaning a bird's beak. Similarly, fair can be an adjective meaning attractive, but it can also be a noun meaning a market. There are many more such words.


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AdamThe first manRelating to a decorative style of furniture
adderOne who addsCommon viper
advertTo refer toShort for advertisement
affectHave an effect uponPretend, feign
ajarPartly openAt discord
alightGet down, dismountOn fire
amentThong or strapPerson with amentia
amicePiece of white linen worn by Roman Catholic priestsHood, cap or cape worn by members of certain religious orders
ancientVery oldFlag, standard
angleInclination of two lines towards each otherTo fish with rod and line
arborMain shaft or axleBower
archCurved structureSelf-consciously teasing, roguish or mischievous
are100 square meter unitsPresent tense of "to be"
ArianFollower of Arius of AlexandriaOne born under the zodiacal constellation Aries
armA weaponTo take up weaponsUpper limb of the human body
armlesssDestitute of weaponsWithout arms
ashResidue left after burning of somethingForest tree
ashenAsh-colouredRelating to ashesOf or relating to the ash-tree
assesPlural of assPlural of as (Roman copper coin)
axisCentral reference pointAsian deer



backOpposite to the frontTo supportLarge tub used in brewing, distilling, dying, etc.
bailSecurity, guaranteeEmpty a boat of water
baleA packageEvil, mischief, calamity
ballA spherical body, globeSocial assembly for dancing
bandA transverse strip, strapTo fasten with a bandCompany of musiciansAn assemblage of peopleTo form a band
bandyPass or toss to and froCrooked, bent outward
bankRaised shelf or ridgeEstablishment which deal in money
barA straight length of any materialTo excludeUnit of atmospheric pressure
barbA recurved pointA stingA fine breed of horse/pigeon
bardA minstrelA poetA slice of bacon put on meat before roasting
barkCry of a dogExterior covering of a tree
barkerAn auction toutVocal advertiser for a circus, etc.One who strips bark from a tree
barrackA temporary hutBuilding used to house troopsTo jeer
barringFurnishing with barsExcludingExcept, omitting
baseLowest part; fundamentalLow in moral scale, unworthy
bassA type of fishThe inner bark of the lime tree
bassetA type of dogTo crop out at the surface
basteMoisten a roasting joint with liquid fat, grave, etc.To sew, tack, fasten together with long stitches
batWooden instrument used to strike ball in cricket or similar gamesSmall nocturnal flying mammal
bateWith breath held in checkAlkaline lye used in tanning
bathContainer for water or other liquidsAncient Hebrew liquid measureof about 6 gallons
battenA strip of woodTo thrive, prosper
batterStrike with successive blowsIn cooking, a mixture of several ingredientsTo incline from the perpendicular with a receding slope
batteringThe act of striking or beatingSloping inwards
battledFoughtEmbattled, protected with battlements
bearLarge mammalTo carry, wear, show or display
beaverAmphibious rodent mammalLower part of a visor
beckA nod, gesture of the finger or handA brook, rivulet
beetleAn insectA maul, heavy wooden malletTo jut out, hang over
bellA musical instrumentCry of a stag at rutting time
bennetAn herbA dry grass stalk
bentAn inclination, biasDispositionStiff rushlike grass
bergamotA citrus treeA juicy kind of pear
betterOne who betsSuperior, more excellent
billStatement of particulars of goods delivered or services renderedHorny beak of birdsAn obsolete weapon
billetSoldier's quartersSmall log or faggot
bitA small portionPart of a horse's bridleA binary unit
bitternA wading birdLiquid obtained when sea water is evaporated to obtain salt
blazeBright glowing flameWhite mark on face of a horse, etc.
bleakBare of vegetationCold, chilly, desolateSmall river fish
blotSpot or stain of ink or other discolouring matterAn exposed piece at backgammon
blowSend directed air, especially from mouthA stroke with the fist or other weapon
bluffHaving a broad, flattened face or frontAbrupt, blunt, frankBlinker of a horseAn excuse, a blindTo hoodwink
bogeyIn golf, one stroke over parA spectre; an awkward thing or circumstance
boilAgitated by the action of heatA hard, inflamed, suppurating tumour
boleStem or trunk of a treeClay containing iron oxide
boltA short arrowRoll of fabricMetal pinA sieve for separating bran from flour
bombastHigh-sounding wordsInflated speechTo stuff out, inflate
bondSomething that binds or confinesIn serfdom or slavery
bongoSmall hand drumA rare antelope
boomLoud, deep, resonant soundLong spar to extend the foot of a particular sail
boonA benefit, blessingClose, intimate
borePerforate, make a hole throughHigh, fast tidal waveA tiresome person
bossA protuberant partForeman, manager, chief, leader
botchA clumsy patchBungled piece of workAn ulcerous swelling
botcherA mender, patcher, bunglerA young salmon
bottleA glass vesselA bundle of hay or straw
boundTo leap, springA limit, boundryUnder obligationPrepared, ready
bowAn ornamental knotA weaponBend head forwardRounded fore-end of a ship or boat
bowerAn arbour, shady retreatThe knaves in euchreThe anchors carried in the bows of a ship or boat
bowlA hollow vesselBall used in game of bowls
boxA case with a lidA small evergreen shrubTo fight with fists or gloves
brackA flaw or tear in a cloth or dressCake or bread containing dried fruit
brakeAn appliance for stopping motionA mass of brushwood, thicketInstrument for breaking flax or hemp
brashImpertinent, cheeky; vulgarly assertiveDisintegrated rock or rubble
bravoWell done!A hired assassinA bandit, desperado
brawlTo quarrel noisilyA French dance
breamA freshwater fishTo clear a ship's bottom of ooze, seaweed, shellfish, etc.
breezeA light windA gadflySmall cinders and cinder dust
brentSmall wild gooseSteep, precipitous, lofty
bridgeA structure for carrying traffic, etc. over water, ravines, etc.A card game
brierA thorny shrubThe white or tree heath
brocketA stag in its second yearA small South American deer
brookSmall streamTo endure, support, put up with
buckThe male of the fallow deerThe body of a wagon or cartA sawhorse
budgeTo move from one's placeKind of fur made of lambskin
bugSmall insectA hobgoblin, bugbear
bugleA hunting hornLong, slender glass beadA creeping plant
bulkMagnitude of three dimensionsFramework projecting in front of a shop for displaying goods
bullUncastrated male bovine mammalA papal edictA ludicrous contradiction
bumpA thump, dull, heavy blowThe cry of the bittern
buntThe middle part of a sail, formed into a cavityA type of fungus
burnConsume by fireA small stream, brook
bushA thick shrubMetal lining of an axle-hole or similar
buskTo perform in public for moneyStiffening bone in a corset
bustleActivity with noise and excitementPad, cushion or framework to expand a woman's dress
buttThe hinder end of a tool, weapon, etc.A large caskA goal, targetType of flatfish
buzzardLarge bird of preyAny large nocturnal insect



cabTaxiDriver's compartment in a lorry, etc.Ancient Jewish measure of capacity
calcarGlass-making furnaceSpurlike process on a petal or a bird's leg
calenderCloth or paper pressMendicant dervish
calfThe young of any bovine animalFleshy part at the back of lower leg
calkTo copy by rubbing and tracingTo furnish with a calkin
camePast tense of COMELead strip used in framing glass
campTemporary quarters of holidaymakers, explorers, etc.Affectedly homosexual
canTo be able toMetal vessel for preserving meat, fruit, etc.
cannonHeavy mounted gunA billiards stroke
cantHypocritical talkSlope, inclination
canterOne who uses speaks cantEasy gallop
cantonA division of a countryTo divide into troops or cantons
capeA sleeveless cloakHeadland projecting into the sea
caperA frolicsome leapA prickly shrub
capitalPrincipal, chief, most importantThe head of a pillar
capsidAny bug of the family MiridaeOuter case of some viruses
cardStiff paper or thin cardboardToothed instrument for combing wool
carpFreshwater fishTalk querulously
caseAn instance, occurrenceBox, chest or other container
cashierA person in charge of cashDismiss from service
cassationAnnulment, abrogation18th-century instrumental composition
catAny feline animalCoal and timber vessel
cattySpiteful, maliciousSouth East Asian unit of weight
chaferA person who chafesA type of beetle
chaffThe husks of grainCommon European bird
channelTube or duct, natural or artificialA plank used for spreading the rigging of a ship
chapCause to crack or open in long slitsA fellow (coll.); the jaws, mouth and cheeks, chops
charTo burn slightlyA small fish; a charwoman
charmA power or gift of alluringA confusion of voices
chaseTo pursueTo engraveA printing frameA wide groove
chatEasy, familiar talkA small bird
chattyTalkativeIndian earthen pitcher
checkA test for accuracy, quality, etc.A chequered pattern
chessA board gameParallel timber of a pontoon bridge
chickA young birdBamboo door screen
chimeSound of bellsEdge of a cask or tub
chineSpine of any animalCut or break the backbone ofA deep and narrow ravine
chinkA narrow cleft or creviceA jingling sound
chitA childA voucher for money owed
chloriteA green silicate mineralA salt of chlorous acid
chopCut with a sharp blowSuddenly change directionThe jaw of an animalEastern official stamp or seal
chordSimultaneous sounding of notes of different pitchA straight line joining the extremities of an arc
chuckHolding device on a lathe or drillThe call of a hen to her chickens
clampA frame for holding pieces of wood, etc. togetherA heap of turfA heavy footstep or tread
cleaveTo split apartTo stick, adhere
clinkerVitrified slagA clinch nail
clipCut with shears or scissorsAn appliance for gripping
clockAn instrument for measuring timeOrnamental pattern on leg of a stocking
cloveDried flower bud of the tree Eugenia aromatica used as a spiceA bulblet of garlic, shallot, etc.
clubA piece of wood used as a weaponAn association of persons
clutchA snatch, grip, graspA set of eggs to be hatched
cobbleRounded stone or pebble used for pavingTo mend or patch (especially shoes)
cockThe male of birdsAct of turning/sticking anything upwards, e.g. a hatA small conical pile of hay
cockleA bivalve molluscThe corncockleTo curl, pucker upA heating stove
codA deep-sea fishA husk or pod
codlingA young codA long, tapering kind of apple
colonA punctuation markPart of the intestinal canal
comaA state of unconsciousnessCovering of the nucleus of a comet
companionA comradeRaised window frame on quarterdeck of a ship
conjugateTo inflect (a verb) by going through the voices, moods, tensesJoined in pairs, coupled
consociateAssociated togetherTo unite
continentA large continuous tract of landAble to control one's bladder and bowel movements
copeTo deal withEcclesistical sleeveless vestmentTo buy; barter
cornGrain; the seed of ceralsA horny excrescence on hand or foot
cornetA brass musical instrumentLowest commissioned cavalry officer
coronaA halo round the sun or moonA long cigar
corporalNon-commissioned army officerRelating to the body
cosmosThe universePlant of genus Cosmos
couchA long upholstered seatCouch grass
countReckon up in numbersA title of rank
counterTable or desk over which business is conductedThe opposite, contrary
covertDisguised, secret, privateA place which covers and shelters
cowAny female bovine animalTo intimidate
cragA rugged rockShelly deposits
crampA spasmodic contractionA cramp-iron, clamp
craneA long-necked birdA hoisting machine
crankAn elbow-shaped braceAn eccentricLiable to capsize
crashTo cause to hit something with great forceA coarse linen cloth
crawlMove slowly on hands and kneesEnclosure for keeping fish, turtles, etc.
crewThe sailors on a ship or boatPast tense of CROW
cricketAn outdoor gameA grasshpper-like insectA low, wooden stool
crimpTo curl or put waves into (hair)A decoy, disreputable agent
croupThe rump, buttocksInflammation of the larynx and trachea
crowA large black birdMake a loud cry like a cock
crowdA number of persons or things collected closely togetherAn old violin-like instrument
cueA signal, hint, reminderWooden rod used in snooker, pool, etc
cuffThe fold or band at the end of a sleeveTo strike with the open hand
culmA stem, especially of grass or sedgeAnthyracite coal
curateAn assistant to a parish priestTo act as a curator
curryA highly spiced Indian dishTo groom (a horse) with a curry-comb



dabTo strike gently with some soft substanceA small flatfish
damA bank or mound for keeping back waterA female parent
danA martial art proficiency gradeA small deep-sea buoyA title of respect
dateA fixed point in timeThe fruit of the date palm
dealA bargain, a piece of businessA plank of fir or pine
deferTo put off, postponeTo yield to the opinion of another
demeanTo debase (oneself)To conduct (oneself), to behave
dentA depressionA tooth of a wheel, cog
dibTo dap (let fall lightly)A sheep's knuckle-boneA children's game
dickA fellow or personA declaration
dieTo lose life, expireA dice
dietA prescribed course of foodA legislative assembly
diligenceSteady application or assiduityA public stagecoach
distemperA coloured painting preparationA catarrhal disorder affecting dogs, foxes, etc.
divineRelating the nature of God, a god, or godsTo find out by inspiration or magic
dockAn artificial basin for shipsEnclosure for prisoners in a courtPlant of the genus RumexTo cut the tail off
dodderTo shake, tremble, totterA plant of the genus Cuscuta
doleUnemployment benefitSorrow, lamentation
donFellow or tutor of a collegeTo put on (clothing)
dongTo make the sound of a large bellUnit of currency of Vietnam
doryA type of sea fishSmall flat-bottomed boat
dotA little mark, spot or speck made with a pen, etc.A dowry
doubleComposed of two, in a pair or pairsTwice as many
downTowards the groundSoft plumage of young birdsA tract of upland
doxyA female loverOpinion, especially in religious matters
drakeThe male of the duckThe mayflyA dragon
dredgeApparatus for dragging underwater to bring up objectsTo sprinkle (flour, etc.)
drumA musical instrumentA long, narrow ridge of drift
dubConfer knighthood uponTo give a new soundtrackA deep pool in a stream
duckA water birdTo dive, dip under waterTo bob the headA kind of untwilled linen
dudgeonAnger, sullen resentment, indignationThe root of the box tree
dugThat has been dugA teat, a nipple of an animal
dumpA pile of refuseA cointer used in playing chuck-farthing
dunTo demand payment with persistenceA hill, mound, earthwork



earThe organ of hearingA seed-bearing head of corn
earnestSerious, graveA pledge, assurance or token of something to come
eggAn ovum or germ-cellTo incite, urge
elderOlder; senior in positionTree of the genus Sambucus
embattleTo array in order of battleTo furnish with battlements
emberA smouldering piece of coal or woodAn anniversary, a recurring time or season
embraceTo enfold in the armsTo fasten or fix with a brace
embracerOne who embracesOne who tries to corrupt a jury by embracery
entrainTo draw after, to bring as a consequenceTo put into a railway train; to get into a train
ergA unit of work doneAn area of shifting sand dunes
ergotismThe disease of ergot in grassesArguing, wrangling
euroAn Australian wallabyCurrency of European Union
evenLevel, smooth, uniformTo make smooth or levelTo a like degree, equally
exactPrecisely agreeing in amount, number or degreeTo compel to be paid or surrendered
exitA passage or door, a way outTo depart, to leave a place
exonA corporal of the Yeomen of the GuardA segment of a gene consisting of codons
explicitPlainly expressed, distinctly statedAn old word equivalent to 'finis', 'the end'
expressDirect, explicit, definitely show or statedTo set out, to represent, to put into words
eyeThe organ of visionTo watch, to observe



factionA body of persons combined or acting in unionLiterary etc. work which blends fact with fiction
failNot to succeedA turf, sod
fairJust, reasonable, legitimateLight in colourPassably goodA funfair; a market
fakeTo pretend, simulateOne of the coils of a rope or cable when laid up
fallowUnused, neglectedOf a pale brownish or reddish-yellow colour
fanA ventilation or cooling instrumentAn enthusiastic admirer
fastSwift, rapid, moving quicklyFirmly fixed, firm, tightTo abstain from food
fawnA young deerTo court in a servile manner, grovel, cringe
featA notable act or performanceDexterous, skilful
feintA sham attack; a pretence(Of ruled lines on paper) light, faint
fellPast tense of FALLTo hew or cut downThe hide or skin of an animalA rocky hill
felonOne who has committed a felonyA whitlow or abscess close to the nail
feltPast tense of FEELA kind of cloth
ferretA variety of polecatA tape made of silk or cotton
fetchTo go for and bring backA wraith or double
feudHostility between two tribes or familiesLand held on condition of performing certain services
figFruit of the genus FicusTo dress, deck, rig
fileA box or folder in which documents are kept in orderAn instrument for cutting and smoothing metal, wood, etc.
fineExcellent in quality, form or appearanceA sum of money imposed as a penalty
fingeringThe act of touching with the fingersA thick, loose, woolen yarn used for knitting
firmFixed, stable, steadyA business partnership
fishA cold-blooded vertebrate water animalTo try to catch fishA flat piece of wood or iron etc. used to strengthen a beam etc.
fiskThe Crown Treasury of ScotlandTo bustle
fitAdapted, suitable, appropriateA violent seizureA short canto or division of a poem
flagA banner, ensign, standardTo lose strength or vigourA paving stonePlant of the genus IrisQuill-feather of a bird's wing
flageoletA small wind instrumentA kind of French bean
flakeA thin piece peeled off; a thin scalelike fragmentA rack for drying fish
flanchA flangeTo slope inwards towards the top of a chimney
flatHaving a level and even surfaceA set of rooms on one floor forming a residence
flatterMore flatTo praise falsely or unduly
flawA defect, imperfectionA sudden puff or gust
fleetA body of shipsSwift, nimble, rapidShallowA creek, inlet
flexTo bend or cause to bendFlexible insulated wire
flickerTo shine unsteadilyNorth American woodpecker of genus Colaptes
flightThe act of flying through the airThe act of fleeing
flockA collection of animalsA tuft of wool, cotton, hair, etc.
flounceTo move abruptly or violentlyA gathered piece of cloth sewed into a dress, petticoat, etc.
flounderA flatfish, Pleuronectes flesusTo struggle or stumble about violently
flueA passage or tube by which smoke can escapeLight down or furA kind of fishing netTo widen or spread out
flukeA lucky chanceA parasitic wormThe broad holding portion of an anchor
flushTo redden up, blushTo flow swiftlyLevel, evenA hand of cardsTo take wing
flyA two winged insectTo move through the air with wings
fobA chain by which a pocket watch is carriedTo cheat, to impose upon
fogA dense watery vapourA second growth of grass after first cutting
foilVery thin sheet metalTo baffle, to frustrateA straight thin sword
foldA pen or enclosure for sheepTo double or lay one part over another
fontA baptism vesselA set of type face
foolA person without common senseA crushed fruit and cream dish
forgeTo counterfeitTo form by heating and hammeringTo move steadily (forward or ahead)
formerPreceding in timeA person or thing that forms
foundPast tense of FINDTo set up or establishTo cast by melting and moulding
founderA person who foundsA person who casts metal(of a ship) to fill with water and sink
frailFragile, delicateA rush basket used for packing figs, etc.
frayTo wear away by rubbingA noisy quarrel, a brawl, riot
freeAt libertyTo set at liberty
fretTo be worriedTo ornamentA ridge on the fingerboard of a guitar, etc.
friezePart of an entablatureA coarse woolen cloth
frizzleTo form (into) crisp, tight curlsTo fry with a hissing noise
frogAn amphibian of the order AnuraA spindle-shaped buttonA tender horny substance on sole of a horse's foot
fryTo cook with hot fat or oil in a panYoung fish
fudgeA soft sweet of chocolate, candy, etc.To deal with in a makeshift way
fullFilled up, repleteTo cleanse and thicken (cloth)
fullerMore fullA person who fulls clothA blacksmith's tool
funnyAmusing, causing mirth or laughterA narrow, clinker-built pleasure boat
furtherMore remote; more advancedTo help forward, to advance, promote
fuseTo melt; reduce to a liquid by heatA detonating device
fusilAn obsolete firelock, lighter than a musketA bearing resembling a lozenge

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