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quackThe cry of a duckAn unqualified medical practitioner
quadrilleA kind of danceA type of card game
quailTo shrink back with fear, to be cowedA small migratory bird
quarkAn hypothetical unit of subatomic particlesA low-fat soft cheese
quarrelA noisy disputeA short, heavy bolt or arrow
quarryA place fron which stone etc. is dugIntended victim or preyA square or diamond-shaped pane of glass
quartA measure of capacityA sequence of four cards of same suit
quitterA person who quitsAn ulcer of a horse's hoof
quiverTo tremble with a rapid tremulous motionA portable case for arrows



rabbleA noisy crowd, mobAn iron tool for stirring molten metal
raceA contest of speedA major division of humankindA root of ginger
rackAn open frameworkDestructionTo draw off wine from leesLight vapoury clouds
racketBat used for tennis, squash etcA clamour, confused noise
raddleTo paint with ruddle (red ochre)A lath in a fence
raffleA lotteryRubbish, lumber, debris
ragA torn piece of clothTo teaseRagtime musicA hard, coarse, rough stone
railA bar of wood or metalComplain stronglyA wading bird of the family Rallidae
rakeA toothed implementA dissolute manInclination, slope
rakishCharacteristic of a rakeWith masts sharply inclined
rallyTo reunite, bring together againTo ridicule or tease in a good-humoured way
randMonetary unit of South AfricaA strip of leather between sole & heel of a boot
rankRelative degree of excellence etc.Excessively luxuriant in growth
rapTo strike with a slight, sharp blowThe least amount
rapeForced sexual intercourseThe plant, Brassica napusThe refuse of grapes after wine is expressedA division of Sussex
rareExceptional, seldom existing(Of meat) underdone
rateThe proportional measure of somethingTo chide angrily, to scold
ratingThe act of assessingA scolding, a harsh reprimand
rattanA type of palmThe beat of a drum, a rataplan
raveTo wander in mind, be deliriousA cart-rail
rayA beam of lightA type of marine fishThe second note of the tonic sol-fa scale
ream500 sheets of paperTo enlarge the bore of a hole
rearThe back or hindmost partTo bring up, to breed
recessionA slump, especially in tradeThe act of giving back to a former owner
recoilTo shrink backThe act of recoiling
reefA ridge of rock, coral, etc. in the seaA horizontal strip across the top of a sail
reeferA person who reefsA marijuana cigarette
reelA cylindrical device for winding thread etc.To stagger, swayA lively dance
reeveChief magistrate of a districtTo pass through a ringThe female of the ruff
refrainTo abstain fromA recurring phrase or line, a chorus
regalRelating to a king or queenA small portable reed-organ
regaliaThe insignia of royaltyA superior Cuban cigar
reliefAllevation of pain, discomfort etc.Method of carving, moulding etc
rennetCurdled milk from a calf's stomachA variety of apple
rentA periodic payment for use of land etc.A tear, slit or breach
reposeRest, cessation of activity etc.To place, to put
restTo cease from exertion, motion or activityThe residue, remainder
retortIncisive, witty or angry replyA vessel used for distilling liquids
revealTo allow to appearThe depth of a wall as revealed in side of a door,etc.
revolute(Of a leaf) rolled backwards from the edgeBringing about great changes
rheaA flightless bird of the family RheidaeThe ramie plant
rickA stack of corn, hay etc.To wrench or sprain
riddleA puzzle, conundrum or enigmaTo pass through a riddle, to sift
riffleTo ruffle, to flick rapidly throughIn gold mining, a groove or channel set in a sluice
rigTo furnish or fitTo manipulate fraudulently
ringA circletTo give a clear vibrating sound
ripTo tear or cut forciblyAn eddy
rippleTo run in small waves or undulationsA comb for removing seeds from flax
roachA freshwater fishA curved part of a fore-and-aft sail
roadA track or way for travelling on(Of a dog) to follow (a game bird) by its scent
roan(Of a horse) with coat interspersed with hairs of another colourA soft flexible sheepskin leather
rockThe solid part of the earth's crustTo move backwards & forwards
rocketA type of forework or signal flareA plant of the genus Hesperis or Sisymbrium
rodePast tense of RIDE(Of a woodcock or wildfowl) to fly in the evening
roeFish eggsA small species of deer
roostA bird's perchA powerful tidal current
rootPart of a plant that conveys nourishmentTurn up (ground) with snout etc.
roseA flowering shrubPast tense of RISE
routAn utter defeat and overthrowTo root (up or out)
roveTo wander,ramble, roamTo draw out & twist (wool etc.)Metal plate through which a rivet is passed
rowA line of people or thingsTo propel by oars
rubberA soft, elastic substanceA series of three games at whist etc.
ruckA multitude, a crowdTo wrinkle, to crease
ruckleTo ruckTo make a rattling or gurgling noise
rueTo grieve or be sorry forA plant of the genus Ruta
ruffA broad pleated frillA small freshwater fishThe act of trumping at cards
rushTo drive, urge etc. with hasteA plant of the family Juncaceae
rutA deep track or groovePeriodic sexual excitement of male deer etc.



sacA pouch in an animal or vegetableAn priviledge granted to a lord of a manor
sackA large bagTo plunder or pillage
sagaA medieval prose narrativePlural of sagum (Roman military cloak)
sageA grey-leaved aromatic plantWise, discreet, prudent
SalianRelating to the Salti or ancient Roman priests of MarsRelating to an early Frankish tribe
sallyA military rushThe handle of a bell-ringer's rope
salveA healing ointmentTo save from desruction
salvoA discharge of guns etc. as a saluteA saving clause, a proviso
sapThe vital juice of plantsTo undermine
sashAn ornamental bandThe frame holding the glass of a window
sawA toothed cutting implementA saying, proverbPast tense of SEE
scaleProtective plates of a fishA weighing machineA graded classification system
scarA mark left by a wound etc.A cragg, cliffA parrotfish
scarfA strip of material worn round the neckTo join the ends of (timber) with a scarf joint
scarpA steep slopeIn heraldry, a diminutive of the bend sinister
scatGo away!, be off!ExcrementJazz singing in meaningless syllables
schoolAn educational institutionA shoal of fish
sconceA flat candlestick with a handleA blockhouse, bulwark
scotchTo put an end to, frustrateA block for a wheel or other round object
scourTo clean by frictionTo rove, to range
scoutA person sent out to bring informationTo treat with contempt and disdain
scribbleTo write or draw carelesslyTo card roughly
scripA provisional certificateA small bag
scrubClean by hard rubbingBrushwood, undergrowth
scuttleA coal containerTo hurry along, scurryA hole with a lid in a shp's side or deck
sealAn amphibious marine mammalA die or stamp
secondNext after the first1/60th of a minute
seeTo perceive by the eyeThe diocese of a bishop or archbishop
seerA person who sees, a prophetAn Indian unit of weight
septiformSevenfoldShaped like a septum
serviceThe act of servingThe service tree
setTo place, to put, to standA number of related things
settleTo place firmlyA long, high-backed bench
shantyA rude hut or cabinA song sung by sailors
shareA portion of a wholeA ploughshare
shedTo pour out, to let fallA slight simple building
sheetA thin, flat broad piece of anythingA rope attached to the clew of a sail
shelveTo place on a shelfTo slope gradually
shingleSmall rounded pebbles on seashoreA rectangular wooden roofing tile
shiverTo tremble or shakeA tiny fragment, a sliver
shoalA large number, multitude, crowd(Of water) shallow
shockA violent collisionA thick mass of hairA collection of sheaves of grain
shoreLand at the borders of a body of waterA prop, a stay
shotA missile for a firearmThat has been shotA reckoning, a billPast tense of SHOOT
shrubA woody plant smaller than a treeA drink composed of sweetened fruit juice
sickIll, affected by some diseaseTo chase or attack
sizeMeasurement, extent, etc.A sticky solution used to glaze paper
skateAn ice-skate, roller-skateA fish of the genus Raja
skiffA small light boatTo skim (as a stone on water)
skipTo progress by hopping from foot to footA container for collecting refuse
slabA thin, flat piece of anythingThick, slimy, viscous, sticky
slackNot drawn tightSmall pieces of coal
slamTo shut (a door etc.) suddenly & noisilyIn whist etc. the winning of every trick
slatA thin narrow stripTo fling, to dash, to slap
slateA fine-grained laminated rockTo criticize savagely
slewPast tense of SLAYTo turn, twist or swing as on a pivot
slingA strap etc. used to support or raise thingsA sweetened drink of spirits
slipTo slide unintentionallyA small piece of paperA creamy mixture of clay and water
slopTo spill or allow to overflowA workman's loose overall
slotAn aperture, slitThe track of a deerA bar or bolt fastening a door
slugA shell-less gastropodTo hit hard
slumA squalid neighbourhoodThe non-lubricating part of crude oil
smackA blow with the flat of the handA slight taste ofA one-masted vessel
smeltPast tense of SMELLA small food fishTo fuse ore so as to extract metal
snarlTo growl in a sharp tone with teeth baredTo entangle
snookA gesture of derisionA tropical American fish
snuffThe charred part of a candle wickPowdered tobacco
soilThe groundTo make dirtyTo feed (cattle etc.) with green food
soleUnderside of the footA flatfishSingle, only, unique
sorrelA herb with acid leavesOf a reddish- or yellowish-brown
soundThe sensation produced through the earWhole, unimparedTo measure the depth ofA narrow passage of water
spadeA digging implementA suit of playing cards
spanFull extent from end to endNautically, a rope or chainAll new, brand newPast tense of SPIN
sparA stout poleMake motions of boxingEasily split crystalline mineral
spatA short gaiterA petty quarrelThe spawn of shellfishPast tense of SPIT
spellTo say or write the letters forming a wordA charm, incantationA shift or turn of workA splinter of wood etc.
speltPast tense of SPELLA variety of wheat
spencerA short overcoat or jacketA fore-and-aft trysail
spikeAny pointed objectBotanically, an inflorescence closely attached to a stem
spillTo cause (liquid etc.) to fall or run outA slip of paper or wood for lighting candles etc.
spireA tapering, conical structureA spiral, a coil
spitTo eject (saliva etc.)A spade's depth of earthA rod for skewering meat for roasting
splatA flat strip of wood forming part of a chair backA sharp splattering sound
spokeA rod connecting hub & rim of a wheelPast tense of SPEAK
sprayWater etc. flying in small dropsA small branch or sprig
sprigA small branch, twig, or shootA small headless nail
spruceNeat, trim, smartA conifer of the genus Picea
sprueA hole through which molten metal is poured into a mouldA tropical disease
sprungPast tense of SPRINGProvided with springs
spunPast tese of SPINProduced by a spinning process
squashTo crush, to press flatA fleshy edible gourdlike fruit
squinchAn arch across internal angle of a square towerTo screw (one's face or eyes up)
stableFirmly fixed, establishedA building for horses
stadiaAn instrument for measuring distancePlural of stadium
staffA stick or pole to aid walkingA type of mortar
stakeA stout pointed stick or poleA wager in a competition or game etc.
staleNot freshThe urine of horses or cattle
stalkThe stem or axis of a plantTo pursue prey stealthily
stallA booth or shed in a market etc.To play for time
stapleA U-shaped piece of metal for fixingThe principal article of commerce
staunchLoyal, constant, trustworthyTo stop (blood) flowing
stayTo continue in same place or conditionA support, a propA rope supporting a mast
steepSharply inclinedTo soak (in liquid)
steerTo guideA young male of the ox kind
steeveAngle of elevation of a bowspritA spar or derrick for stowing cargo
stemMain body or stalk of a plantTo draw up, to check, to hold back
stewTo cook by boiling slowlyAn artificial oyster bed
stickA short slender length of woodTo thrust the point of
stifleTo smother, suffocateThe stifle-joint
stillAt rest, motionlessA distilling vessel
stoleA garment like a broad scarfPast tense of STEAL
stoveA fuel-burning apparatus for heating & cookingPast tense of STAVE
strainTo stretch tightRace, stock, family, breed
strandTo run or force agroundEach of the threads of a rope etc.
stripTo pull the covering fromA long narrow piece
strokeAn act of strikingTo caress
strutTo walk with a pompous, conceited gaitA brace
studA large-headed nailA number of horses kept for riding, racing etc.
sturdyRobust, lusty, vigorousA disease of sheep
styA pen or enclosure for pigsAn inflamed swelling on edge of eyelid
suffixA letter or syllable appended to the end of a wordTo add as a suffix
summerA season of the yearA heavy horizontal beam or glider
surchargeAn extra charge or costTo put an extra charge on
swallowTo take into the stomachSmall migratory bird of the family Hirundinidae
swarmA cluster of bees issuing from a hiveTo climb up by clasping with arms & legs
swashTo make a noise as of splashing waterSloping



tackA small, sharp, flat-headed nailA horses' saddle, bridle, etc.
tailHindmost part of an animalLimitation of ownership
taipanA large Australian snakeThe head of a foreign business in China
takeTo lay hold of, graspThe act of taking
tamperMaterial used to tamp a holeTo meddle (with)
tangA strong taste or flavourA ringing or clanging sound
tangleTo knot together or intertwine in a confused massA type of seaweed
tangoA Latin American danceA bright orange colour
tapTo strike lightly or gentlyA device for controlling the flow of liquid or gas
tareA vetchAn allowance made for the packing around goods
tartA pie containing fruit etc.A prostitute (slang)Sharp to the taste, acid
tartanA chequered patternA small Mediterranean one-masted vessel
tasselA pendant ornamentA small piece of wood or stone fixed into a wall
tatRubbish, ragsTo make by knotting
tattooThe beat of drums recalling soldiersTo mark (the skin) by pricking & inserting pigments
tauntTo reproach sarcastically(Of masts) exceptionally tall
tawTo dress or make leather with mineral agentsA game of marbles
teeIn golf, the area at the start of each holeThe 20th letter of the alphabet
teemTo be prolific & abundantTo pour (down) as rain etc.
tellTo relate, to recountIn Middle Eastern archaeology, a mound
templeA building for worshipFlat part of side of the headAn attachment in a loom for keeping fabric stretched
temporalOf or relating to this lifePositioned at the temples
tendTo have a bent, inclination or attitudeTo attend, look after
tenderA person who tendsNot tough or hardOffer, present
tenseStretched tightIn grammer, a form taken by a verb to indicate time
tentA portable canvas shelterA Spanish wineA small roll of lint etc. inserted in a wound
tenterA frame for stretching clothA person who is in charge
ternA small seabirdTernate; a set of three
terrierA small active dogA book in which private lands are described
testA critical trialA shell, exoskeleton
thingAny object or thoughtA Scandinavian public assembly
thoughtThe act or process of thinkingPast tense of THINK
thrasherA person who thrashesA North American songbird
thrumTo play carelessly on a stringed instrumentThe fringe of warp threads left after web is cut off
thrushA bird of the family TurdidaeA fungal disease
tickThe sound of a clockA parasitic arachnidA cover for the filling of mattresses
tillUp to, up to the time ofA money drawerTo cultivate for cropsAn unstratified clay
tipThe point, end or extremityTo cause to lean
tireTo exhaust the strength ofA band round the rim of a wheel
tollA tax or duty(Of a bell) to ring with slow, uniform strokes
topThe highest point of anythingA spinning toy
topeTo drink excessivelyA groveA Buddhist monumentA small European shark
torseA wreathA surface generated by a continuously moving line
totA small childTo add (up)To collect items for resale
totterA person who totsTo walk or stand unsteadily
towTo pull (a vehicle) behind anotherThe course part of hemp or flax after combing
traceA token, vestige or sign of somethingStrap etc. by which a horse draws a vehicle
tractA stretch of territoryA short treatiseA Roman Catholic anthem
trapA device for catching animalsTo adornA dark igneous rock
traverseTo travel acrossLying or being across, transverse
tribuneA champion of popular rights & libertiesA bishop's throne in an apse
triceAn instantNautically, to haul
trollTo roll or reel out (a song) carelesslyA mythological Scandinavian giant
tropicA parallel of latitudeRelating to tropism
truckA strong, four-wheeled vehicleExchange of commodities
tuckTo press close togetherThe beat or roll of a drum
tuckerA person or thing which tucksAn ornamental frilling of lace or muslin
tum-tumThe sound of a stringed instrumentA West Indian dish of boiled plantain
tunaA marine fishA prickly pear
turboA model of car fitted with a turbochargerA gastropod of the genus Turbo
tutuA New Zealand shrubA ballet dancer's short skirt
twitterOne who twits (reproaches with some fault etc.)Utter a succession of short notes


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