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gadTo wander idlyAn expression of surpriseA pointed tool
gageSomething laid down as securityA greengage
galeA strong windThe bog myrtleA periodic payment of rent
gallSelf-assurance, cheek, impudenceAn abnormal growth on plantsA sore, swelling or blister
gallantBrave, high-spirited, courageous, chivalrousA man of fashion, a beau
galleyCook-house of a ship, boat or aircraftAn oblong tray for setting out printing type
gameAn exercise for diversionLame, crippled
gammonA cured hamNonsense, humbugA defeat at backgammonTo make fast to the stem of a ship
gangA set of associatesA plank used for boarding a vessel
garbDress, costumeA sheaf of grain
gateA movable barrierA street ( usually in combination, as Boargate, Kirkgate, etc.)
gaudyVulgarly ornateA grand festival
gavelA small malletA system of land tenure
geldTo castrateAn early form of tax
GeorgianRelating to the period of George I-IVOf or relating to Georgia
getTo procure, obtainThe act of begetting
gigA light two-wheeled vehicleA booking for a musicianA type of fishing spear
giltGildedA young sow
gimpSilk, wool or cotton twist interlaced with wireAn awkward or clumsy person
ginAn alcoholic drinkA trap, snareAustralian Aboriginal woman
girdTo bind round with bandTo sneer, mock
girdleA female undergarmentA round flat plate for baking cakes
glanceTo give a quick or cursory lookAny mineral with a metallic lustre
glossThe brightness from a polished surfaceA comment, interpretation or explanation
gnomeA kind of misshapen sprite, dwarf, goblinA pithy saying, a maxim
goTo move from one place to anotherA Japanese board game
gopherAmerican burrowing animalThe wood from which Noah's ark was made
goreThick, clotted bloodTo pierce, to stabA triangular piece in a dress, sail, balloon, etc.
graftPiece of transplanted living tissueAcquisition of gains by taking advantage of position
gramMetric unit of massThe chick-pea
graphA symbolic diagramIn linguistics, a visual symbol
grateA frame of iron barsTo rub, grind
gratingHarsh, discordant, irritatingAn open framework or lattice
graveA place of burial, a sepulchreImportant, serious, momentousTo clean (a ship's bottom) by scraping
grazeTo eat growing grassTo brush slightly in passing
greaseOily or fatty matter of any kindTo smear, lubricate, or soil with grease
grieveTo lament, sorrow overAn overseer, steward or bailiff
griffonA variety of dog like a terrierA vulture
gripTo seize hold ofA small ditch or furrow
gristCorn to be groundA size of rope
grizzleTo cry, complainA grey colour
grouseA game birdTo grumble
groutThin fluid mortar(Of a pig) to turn (up) with the snout
gudgeonA small freshwater fishA type of wheel pivot
gumFleshy tissue around roots of the teethA stcky substance



hackTo cut irregularlyA hackney, horse for hireA rack or grated frame, a hatch
hackleA cock's neck featherTo hack, to mangle
hailFrozen rainTo call or signal to
hakeA fish of the genus MerluciusA wooden frame for drying
haleSound and vigorousTo drag, to draw violently
haltA stop or interruption in activityLimping, lame, crippled
hamThe hind part of the thighA village, a town
hamperA large wickerwork basketTo impede the movement of
harrierA variety of dogA person who harries or plunders
harrowA large rakeTo plunder, spoil, harry
hatchA small doorTo mark with fine linesTo produce young from eggs
hawThe fruit of the hawthornAn expression of hesitationThe third eyelid of a horse, etc.
hawkA bird of preyClear the throat in a noisy mannerTo carry about for saleA plasterer's board
hawkerA person who practices the sport of hawkingA person who travels around selling goods
hayGrass cut and dried for fodderA country dance
hazeA very fine mist or vapourTo harass or punish with overwork
headThe foremost part of the bodyTo lead, to be the leader to
heelRounded hinder part of the footOf a ship, to cant overTo plant in the ground
helmA vessel's steering apparatusA helmet
hemThe edge of a garment or clothA voluntary short cough
hideTo obscure from viewAn animal skinA small portion of land
hindRelating to the backA female deerAn agricultural labourer
hinderTo obstruct, impedeAt the rear
hinnyOffspring of male horse & female donkeyTo neigh, whinny
hipUpper part of the legFruit of a rose plantInterjection used to introduce cheers
hobPart of a cooking stoveA hobgoblin or elf
hobbyAny recreation or pursuitA small species of falcon
hockJoint between knee & fetlock in hind legA kind of light wine
hockeyA team ball gameHarvest home
holdTo grasp & retainThe act of seizingA cavity in a ship or aircraft
holmFlat ground, liable to floodingAn evergreen oak
holtA wood, grove, copseThe burrow of an animal
homeThe place where one livesTo reach home accurately from a distance
honeA whetstoneTo moan, to whine
hookerA person or thing that hooksA two-masted fishing vessel
hopTo spring, leap or skip on one footA perennial climbing plant
hopeAn expectant desireA small enclosed valley
hostA person who entertains anotherA great numberConsecrated bread used in the Eucharist
housingLodging, shelter, accomodationA cloth covering for a horse
hoyInterjection used to draw attentionA one-masted coasting vessel
hullThe body of a shipThe outer covering of a nut
humTo make a murmuring sound like a beeInterjection used to express hesitation
hushTo make silent, to repress the noise ofA smooth, swift rush of water



illuminateTo light upA person who claims to possess special enlightenment
impostSomething which is imposed as a tax, tribute, etc.The upper member of a pillar
impregnableAble to resist all attacksAble to be impregnated
inchThe 12th part of a linear footAn island
incontinentUnable to restrain one's desiresStraightaway, immediately
informTo communicate knowledge toWithout regular form
infuriateTo provoke furyInfuriated, enraged
interestConcern, attentionTo arouse the attention of
interlineTo insert (words) between linesTo insert an extra lining in a garment



jackA device for lifting weightsA type of leather jacketA tropical Asian tree
jadeA broken-down horseTo become wearyA green crystalline mineral
jamTo wedge or squeeze (in or into)A fruit conserve
jarTo vibrate harshlyA glass or earthenware vesselA state of partial closure
jargonA specialized languageA variety of zircon
jayA chattering birdThe letter J
jerkTo pull, push or thrust sharplyTo cure (beef) by drying in the sun
jetA variety of ligniteTo spurt or shoot out
jettyA landing pierOf the nature of jet
jibA large triangular sailTo swing round (of a sail etc.)To move restively (of a horse etc.)
jiggerTackle used for holding a ship's cableThe flea Tunga penetrans
jobA piece of workTo stab, poke or prod with a sharp instrument
jubaA man, as of a horseA type of dance
jugA vessel for holding liquids(Of the nightingale etc.) to make a sound like 'jug'
jumperA woolen upper garmentSomething that jumps
junkRubbish, garbageA Chinese flat-bottomed boatA lump or chunk of anything
juratA person under oathA type of official statement



keelLengthwise member of the base of a shipA lighter or flat-bottomed barge
keenEnthusiastic, eagerA wailing lamentation
keepTo hold, retainSubsistence, maintenance
kennelA shelter for a dogA gutter, watercourse at side of a street
kernPart of a letter that overhangs main body of typeA light-armed Irish foot soldier
keyInstrument for moving bolt of a lockA low island
khanA Central Asian official or rulerA caravanserai
kibbleA strong iron bucketTop grind coarsely
kickTo strike with the footThe pushed-in base of a glass bottle
kidThe young of the goatTo pretend, hoax (coll.)A small wooden tub
kipA sleep (slang)The hide of a calfMonetary unit of LaosA wooden bat (Austral.)
kitPieces of equipmentA type of small violinA kitten
knapA hill crest, rising groundTo break into pieces
knollA rounded hill, mound, hillockTo ring or toll (a bell)
knotThe interlacement of a rope, cord, etc.A small sandpiper



lagTo fall behindA convictThe non-heat-conducting jacket of a boiler
lakeA large sheet of waterA crimson pigment
lameDisabled in one or more limbA thin plate, overlapping with others
lampasA swelling of the roof of a horse's mouthA flowered silk or woolen cloth
lapThe part of the body from waist to knees when sittingOne circuit of a track etc.To drink by lifting with the tongue
larkAny bird of the family AlaudidaeA prank, frolic, spree
lastAt the end, closing, finalTo continue in existenceA varying weightA shoemaker's model
latheA cutting & shaping machineA former division of Kent
launchTo start or set goingA large open pleasure-boat
lawnA mowed grassy spaceA cotton linen fabric
layTo cause to lieNon-professionalA lyric song or ballad
leaA meadowA certain length of yarn
leagueA union for mutual interestsAn old measure of distance
leanTo inclineThin, without surplus fat
leaveTo go or depart fromPermissionTo produce leaves
leechAn aquatic annelid wormThe perpendicular edge of a square sail
leftOpposite to rightDiscarded or laid asidePast tense of LEAVE
lekThe chief currency of AlbaniaArea where birds assemble for sexual display
leptonA modern Greek coinAny element that participates only in weak interaction
letTo permit, allowA hindrance, obstacle
leveeA general reception or assembly of visitorsAn artificial bank
lieAn untruthRest in a horizontal position
lightOpposite to darkOf small weightTo descend as from flight
lightenTo become light, brightenTo reduce in weight
lighterPerson or thing which ignitesA large, open boat
likeSimilar toTo be pleased with
limbAn arm, leg, wing, etc.The outermost edge of the sun, moon, etc.
limberLithe, agilePart of a gun carriageA gutter on each side of keelson of a ship
limeA white caustic alkaline substanceTree of genus TiliaTree of genus Citrus aurantifolia
lineA threadlike markTo put a covering on the inside of
linerA removable liningA passenger ship or aircraft
lingA long slender fishHeather or heath
linkA ring or loop of a chainA torch made of tow & pitch
listA record or catalogueThe border or edge of clothTo lean over
liverA person who livesA glandular organ
loafA shaped mass of breadTo lounge or idle about
lockA device for fastening doors etc.A tress of hair
longOf great lengthHave an earnest desire (for)
loomA weaving machineTo appear larger than actual size
lopTo trim by cuttingTo hang down limply
loreLearningA straplike part
loutAn ill-mannered personTo bend, bow, stoop
lowNot high or tallTo utter the moo of a cow
loxA kind of smoked salmonLiquid oxygen
lugTo drag, pullA projecting part
lumberTo move heavilyDiscarded articles of furniture etc.
lungeA sudden thrustLong rein used to train horses
lurchTo staggerA losing position in cribbage etc.
lustreGloss, sheenA period of 5 years
luteA stringed musical instrumentA composition of clay or cement



maceAn ornamented staff of officeA spice made from nutmeg
madderMore madA shrubby climbing-plant, Rubia tinctorum
mailLetters conveyed by postDefensive body armour
mainPrincipal, chiefA chief sewer, conduitA throw at dice
mammaMother (used by or to children)The milk secreting organ of females
manifestNot concealed, obviousList of a ship's cargo
marchTo move with regular stepsBoundry of a territory
markA visible sign or impressionGerman unit of currency
marlSoil containing clay & limeYarn with multicoloured threads
maroonOf a brownish-crimson colourTo leave isolated
marqueA brandReprisals
mastUpright to which ship's sails are attachedThe fruit of the oak, beech etc.
matchA counterpart, facsimileTaper for producing fire
mateA companionTo checkmate
matteAn impure metallic productA mask used to obscure part of an image
mePersonal pronoun3rd note of tonic sol-fa scale
mealA repastThe edible portion of grain
meanTo intendOccupying a middle positionLow in quality
mediaMeans of communicationThe middle coat or tunic of a vessel
megrimA migraineA deep water flatfish
meldA declaration in certain card gamesTo mix, blend, combine
mensalOf, relating to or used at the tableMonthly
mentalOf or relating to the mindOf or relating to the chin
mereA lake, a poolSuch and no moreA boundry
meteTo allot, apportionA limit, a boundry
metreStandard metric unit of lengthRhythmical arrangement of syllables in a verse
mewThe cry of a cat or seagullA cage for hawks
mightExpressing possibilityStrength, force
mineBelonging to meTo dig into or burrow in
mintA place where money is coinedAromatic plant of genus Mentha
misprisionA wrong actUndervaluing
missTo fail to reach, hit, meet etc.A title for an unmarried woman
miteArachnid of the order AcaridaA very small coin
mogulA powerful entrepreneurA mound on a ski slope
molarA grinding toothOf or relating to mass
moleA dark spot on the skinA small burrowing mammalAn artificial harbourSI unit of substance
mollyAn effeminate manFreshwater fish of genus Poecilia
monopoleAn isolated electrical chargeExclusively supplied champagne
moodA state of mind, dispositionA type of verb form
moorTo secure a ship, boat etc.A tract of wild open land
morelAn edible fungusThe black nightshade
motherA female parentA substance formed during fermentation
mouldHollow vessel for shapingFungoid growthFine soft earth
moulderOne who mouldsTurn to dust by natural decay
moundAn artificial elevation of earthAn orb
mountTo ascend, to climbA high hill, mountain
mouseA small quadruped rodentTo hint for or catch mice
mowTo cut down grass, corn etc.A heap or pile of hay
muffA hand warmerTo bungle or fail in
muffleTo wrap closely & warmlyThick upper lip & nose of rodents
mugA drinking vesselTo violently robTo study hard
muggerOne who violently robsAn Indian crocodile
muleOffspring of a male donkey & female horseA backless shoe or slipper
mullTo ponder, considerTo warm & flavour wine, beer etc.A layer of humusA promontory
mulletA fish of genus MullusA five-pointed star
museThe inspiring power of poetryTo ponder (upon)
mushA mash, soft, pulpy massA command to a team of sled dogs
mustTo be obliged toMustiness, mouldNew wineA state of frenzy in male elephants
myrrhA resin used for incense, perfume etc.An umbelliferous plant, Myrrhis odorata



napTo sleep lightly or brieflyThe smooth surface of clothA card game
nappyA towelling wrap for a baby(Of beer) foaming, strong, heady
natalRelating to birthRelating to the buttocks
naveThe body of a churchThe central block of a wheel
netA mesh fabricFree from deductions
nightingaleA small migratory birdA bedjacket for invalids
nipTo pinchA small drink of spirits
nitThe egg of a louseUnit of luminanceUnit of information in computing
noNot anyA word of denial
noisetteA small round piece of mutton, veal etc.A variety of rose



oblateFlattened at the polesOne not under vows but dedicated to religious work
oratoryThe art of public speakingA small chapel
orderlyIn orderA soldier who attends on an officer
ornamentA thing or part that adornsTo adorn, to decorate
orrisPlant of the genus IrisA kind of gold or silver lace
ounceA unit of weightA wild cat, Panthera uncia
ownBelonging or proper toTo possess



padA soft cushionTo trudge
paddleA broad short oarTo wade in shallow water
pageA leaf of a book etc.A young male attendant
painterOne who paintsA bow-rope for fastening a boat
paleWhitish, ashen, lacking in colourA pointed stake
pallA large cloth thrown over a coffinTo become vapid or insipid
palladiumA greyish-white metallic elementA defence, a safeguard
palletA straw mattressA flat wooden structure used in transportation
palmA tree of family PalmaeThe inner part of the hand
panA broad shallow dishA betel leaf
panicSudden, overpowering fearA type of cereal grass
pannierA large basketA robed waiter at the Inns of Court
pantsBreathes quicklyUnderpants
papSoft or semi-liquid foodA teat, a nipple
papaThe popeA blue clay found in New Zealand
parityEquality of rank, value etcThe condition of having given birth
partisanAn adherent of a faction, cause etc.A pike or long-handled spear
partyA social gatheringDivided into coloured compartments
passageThe act of passingA move in dressage
patter(Of rain) to fall with a quick succession of sharp soundsGlib talk
pawnA chess pieceDeposit as a pledge
payTo discharge (a bill etc.)To coat with hot pitch
peachFruit of the tree Prunus persicaTo inform (against or upon)
peakA sharp point or topTo pine awayTo raise (a gaff or yard) until nearly vertical
pearlA lustrous whitesolid found in oyster shellsA picot
peckTo strike with a beak or pointed instrumentA measure of capacity
pedalA lever acted on by the footRelating to a foot
peelTo strip the skin bark or rind offA wooden shovelA square fortified tower
peepTo look slyly or furtivelyA chirp, squeak etc.
peerTo look very closely atA member of the nobility
peltTo throwThe hide of a sheep or goat
penAn instrument for writingA small enclosure for cattle etc.
perchA rest roost for birdsA spiny-finned freshwater fish
periwinklePlant of the genus VincaA winkle
petAn animal kept as a companionA fit of peevishness
picaA unit of type sizeAn appetite affected by illness etc.
pickTo chooseAn implement for picking
pieA pastry case filled with meat etc.An Indian copper coin
pikeA large freshwater fishA toll gate
pikerA timid gamblerA tramp
pileA heapA sharp stake or postThe nap of cloth
pineA coniferous treeTo languish, waste away
pinionA joint of a bird's wingA cogged spindle
pinkA pale red colourTo pierce, stabA yellow vegetable pigmentA young salmon
pipA fruit seedA short, high-pitched soundA spot on a playing card, dice etc.A disease in poultry etc.
piqueTo irritateA score in the game of piquet
pitchTo fix or plant in the groundA type of bituminous substance
pitcherA large earthenware vesselA person who or something which pitches
pittaA flat, round, slightly leavened breadA bird of the family Pittidae
placerA table settingA deposit containing valuable minerals
planeA flat surfaceA smoothing toolTree of the genus Platanus
plantainA plant of the genus PlantagoA tropical tree, Musa paradisiaca
plashA large puddleTo cause (water) to splashTo bend & intertwine (branches) to form a hedge
plumbA weighted line used to test perpendicularityTo provide with plumbing
plumpWell-rounded, chubbyTo plunge or fall suddenly & heavily
plyA thickness, a layerTo wield, work at
poachTo cook in simmering liquidTo catch (game, fish etc.) illicitly
podA seed vesselA gathering of whales, seals etc
poiseComposure, equilibriumThe cgs unit of viscosity
pokeTo jab, prodA bag, sackA projecting front on a woman's hat
pokerAn iron rod used to stir a fireA card game
poleA long slender piece of wood or metalEach end of the axis of the earth
policyA course of actionAn insurance contractThe pleasure grounds around a country house
pollThe voting at an election(Of cattle) having had the horns cut off
poneA kind of bread made by North American IndiansThe player on dealer's right who cuts the cards
pontoonA card gameA floating bridge
poolA small body of waterA common supply of people, vehicles, etc.
popeThe head of the Roman Catholic churchA priest in the Greek or Russian Orthodox Church
poreA minute openingBe absorbed in studying
portA harbourA portholeA fortified wineThe left-hand side of a ship etc.
portalA door, gate, entranceRelating to the porta
porterA person employed to carry luggage etc.A gatekeeper
poseAssume an attitudeTo puzzle
postAn upright postA fixed placeSystem of letter conveyance
potterA maker of potteryProceed in a leisurely fashion
pounceAn abrupt swoop, springA fine powder for drying ink
poundA unit of weightUK monetary unitAn enclosure for stray cattle etc.To crush, pulverize
pressApply steady force toTo force into naval or military service
primeMost importantPrepare for use
prionAn infectious protein particleA type of seabird
priorFormer, precedingA superior of a monastic house
prizeA reward in a competition, etc.Something taken from an enemy in war
pruneA dried plumTrim by cutting
pryLook inquisitivelyTo prise
pugA small dogClay mixed for making bricks
pulseRhythmic beatingThe edible seeds of leguminous plants
pumpA device for raising liquidsA plimsoll
punThe playful use of wordsTo pound, crush
punchA tool for making holesTo strike with the fistA mixture of wines or spirits
puncheonA timber for supporting the roof in a mineA large cask
puntA shallow, flat-bottomed boatTo stake against the bank in some card gamesTo kick a ball after dropping itMonetary unit of Ireland
pupilBeing taughtPart of the eye
purlA knitting stitchTo flow with a babbling sound
pursyShort-winded, asthmaticLike a purse
pythonA large serpentA familiar spirit or demon


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