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'And they had tails like unto scorpions,
and there were stings in their tails:
and their power was to hurt men'
Revelation, 9: 10

The common name for an arachnid having a flat, narrow body, two lobster-like claws (pincers), eight legs, and a segmented tail. Terminating in a venomous sting supplied by a pair of poison glands, the tail is usually curved upward and forward over the back. There are about 1,400 species of scorpion. They are usually brown in colour and range from about 2.5 to 20 cm (1 to 8 in) in length.

Found in warm and dry temperate and tropical regions, the scorpion is nocturnal and feeds mainly on spiders and insects. The female does not lay eggs, but gives birth to young who climb on their mother's back and remain there until after their first moult. They then gradually disperse. When capturing a victim with its claws, the scorpion inflicts a disabling sting with its tail.

In many species, the sting is painful, but not fatal, to human beings, although the sting of one species found in the United States has proved fatal to young children and is potentially fatal to adults. Other areas of the world have more dangerous scorpion species; the poison involved is a neurotoxin, attacking the nervous system.


The eighth sign of the astological zodiac, symbolised by a scorpion. Astrologers consider Scorpios to be energetic, passionate, creative, deep, intuitive, and secretive, with a great deal of self-control. They also believe Scorpios can be willful, stubborn and easily made jealous. Scorpios are thought to be keen observers of people, and potentially calculating and manipulative. Seeing more of people's deepest motivations than others do, they have a tendency to be cynical. They are sensitive and never forget a hurt or a slight. For the typical Scorpio, forgiveness can be difficult, and they will often seek vengeance. Just like the scorpion, they have a sting!

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