The Escape

......What's that noise?
......It sounds like all Hell has broken loose ... Oh no!
......Water - torrents of it. Something has burst and it's flooding the cave, breaking down the walls.
......I'm done for now, there's no way I can avoid being drowned. Is this the way it's going to end after all this time trapped in this tiny space?
......No! The walls are heaving, falling in. Some seismic shift is bringing the place down. If I'm not drowned, I will be crushed. Either way, this is it.
......Oh, the noise! It's been so quiet all this time. Peaceful and comforting, it allowed me to forget I was trapped, let me drift away into a world of my own, to wait for the end to come almost without fear. Now this!
......Tumbling, twisting, turning. I'm being thrown all over. I'll never survive this; I'm going to be entombed in this cave, buried forever.
......The water is pushing me to the bottom of the cave. I'll be pulverised against the far wall. There's nothing to do now but resign myself to the inevitable.
......Wait! What's that? An opening, a tiny tunnel. The waters must have opened it. I'm being thrown towards it. Is it possible? - Can I squeeze into it? Is there a way out, after all?
......I've got to try, there's nothing to lose. If I can position myself correctly I might just do it. It's a tight fit; I will have to go headfirst. There, if I can just get my shoulders through the rest of my body should follow. Made it! All I have to do now is inch my way along and hope it leads somewhere.
......It's a passage of some sort; I wonder where it goes? I hope it's not a dead end. There's no point in worrying about that; it's so narrow and confined in here that it's impossible to go back. I can only ease gradually forward and keep praying. At least the flood seems to have subsided to a trickle and the threat of drowning has passed. The water found a way through, so perhaps I can too.
......There's still some kind of upheaval going on, it's like the walls and floor of the tunnel are pulsing, and I'm being forced steadily along it. If it collapses I will have no chance. It's so dark I can't see a thing; I may as well be blind. Where am I going? Where does this passage lead?
......It's becoming even more cramped, there's hardly any room to manoeuvre. I'm going to be crushed for sure. If only I could be certain the tunnel leads to safety; but I can't. I've lost all sense of direction, I don't know which is up or down any more. I could just be burying myself deeper and deeper. But what else can I do? I've just got to keep moving forward and praying. There's nothing else for it.
......On and on. Will this tunnel ever end?
......No! Surely I'm imagining it. It can't be - can it?
......There! Just ahead - is it? Can it be true?
......A light - very dim - but yes, I'm sure. And the passage is getting wider. There is a way out. Oh thank you!
......Keep moving - got to keep moving. Hardly any strength left. I'll never do it, it seems so far away. So tired, so hungry. Keep going.
......The tunnel is definitely getting wider, and the air is fresher, not as stifling as it was. If only I can keep going.
......It's true! There is an opening - a way out!
......Just a little further.
......A narrow gap. So narrow. Can I get through it? Push, push, push!
......Got to get through. Got to.
......Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. I'll never do it. Got to.
......Go on! Force your body through - you can do it!
......Yes, yes, yes! I'm out. Free at last.
......Oh the light. Blinding, dazzling light.
......Noise - voices.
......"Congratulations, Mrs Henderson. It's all over. You've got a lovely healthy boy!"

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