Eat Your Words

Are you feeling hungry? If so, here is a list of eating words: that is, words containing the affix vora, vore or vorous, from the Latin vorare, meaning devour.
When I was a child, my mother often told me not to bolt my food; I certainly wouldn't rush some of these meals!
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~ A ~

algivoreEater of algae
ambivoreEater of grasses and broad-leaved plants
amphivoreEater of both animal and vegetable foods; omnivore
aphidivoreEater of aphids
apivoreEater of bees
arachnivoreEater of spiders
aurivoreEater of gold

~ B ~

baccivoreEater of berries
bacterivoreEater of bacteria
batrachivoreEater of water bottoms
brychocarnivoreEater of meat with a lot of noise and greed
brychomnivoreEater in a noisy, barbaric way

~ C ~

calcivoreEater of calcium
cancrivoreEater of crabs
carnivoreEater of meat
cepivoreEater of onions
concarnivoreEater onlyof foods that contain meat
corallivoreEater of coral

~ D ~

detritivoreEater of dead organic material, especially plant detritus

~ E ~

equivorousEating horse-flesh
erucivoreEater of caterpillars
exudativoreEater of gum and other exudates from trees

~ F ~

femivoreA feminist woman who devotes a serious amount of time to feeding her family
ferrivoreEater of iron
fimivoreEater of dung
florivoreEater of flowers or plant species
folivoreEater of leaves
forbivoreEater of broad-leaved plants
formicivoreEater of ants
formivoreEater of ants
frondivoreEater of leaves
fructivoreEater of fruit
frugivoreEater of fruit
fucivoreEater of seaweed
fumivoreEater of smoke
fungivoreEater of fungi

~ G ~

gallivoreEater of galls
graminivoreEater of grasses
granivoreEater of grain
gumivoreEater of gums secreted by plants

~ H ~

herbivoreEater of plants
hominivoreEater of humans
humanovoreEater of humans
humivoreEater of humus

~ I ~

insectivoreEater of insects

~ J ~

(None known)

~ K ~

(None known)

~ L ~

lactivoreEater of milk
larvivoreeater of larvae
leguminivoreEater of beans, peas and other legumes
lichenivoreEater of lichens
lignivoreEater of wood
limnivoreEater of mud
lithovoreEater of rocks and minerals
locavoreEater of only locally grown food

~ M ~

mellivoreEater of honey
merdivoreEater of excrement
microbivoreEater of microorganisms
molluscivoreEater of molluscs
mucivoreEater of plant juices
mycovoreEater of fungi
myrmevoreEater of ants

~ N ~

nectarivoreEater of nectar
nucivoreEater of nuts

~ O ~

offivoreEater of offal
omniverbivorousCapable of swallowing all words
omnivoracityHaving an eagerness to consume great amounts of all kinds of food
omnivoreEater of any type of available food
ornithivoreEater of birds
oryzivoreEater of rice
ossivoreEater of bones
ovivoreEater of eggs

~ P ~

palynivoreEater of pollen
panivoreEater of bread
photovoreEater of light
phytivoreEater of plants or vegetable matter
phytosuccivoreEater of the sap of plants
pigmentivorousEating pigments; destroying paint
pinivoreEater of pine seeds
piscivoreEater of fish
planktivoreEater of plankton
plurivoreEater of many things
pollenivoreEater of pollen
pollinivoreEater of pollen produced by plant stamens
pomivoreEater of apples
pupivoreEater of pupae

~ Q ~

quercivoreEater of oak leaves

~ R ~

radicivoreEater of tubers and roots
ranivoreEater of frogs
reptilivoreEater of reptiles

~ S ~

sanguinivoreEater of blood
saprovoreEater of dead or decaying organic matter
seminivoreEater of seeds
serpentivorousEater of snakes
spongivoreEater of sponges
stercovoreEater of excrement or dung

~ T ~

(None known)

~ U ~

uncarnivorousNon-meat eater
univoreEater of just one kind of food, or eating just once a day

~ V ~

vermivoreEater of worms
voraciousEater of great quantities of food
vorarephiliaSexual arousal from the idea of being eaten, eating another, or watching this

~ W ~

(None known)

~ X ~

xylovoreEater of wood

~ Y ~

(None known)

~ Z ~

zoosuccivoreEater of the liquid secretions of decaying animal matter

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