Eat Some More Words

Didn't Eat Your Words sate your appetite? Still hungry? Then here is another all-consuming list of eating words.
This time, the words all contain the affix phag, phage, phago or phagous, etc. from the Greek phagein, meaning to eat.
(bon appétit)


~ A ~

acreophagyEating no meat
acridophageEater of grasshoppers
actinophageA virus that causes the decomposition of actinomycetes
adelphophagyThe consumption of one embryo by another in utero
aerophagiaExcessive swallowing of air
aerosialophagyConstant swallowing, thus taking saliva and air into the stomach
algophagousFeeding on algae
alliaphageEater of garlic
allotriophagiaA morbid impulse to eat unnatural foodstuffs
androphagousThe eating of a man (as opposed to a woman)
anthophagousFeeding on flowers
anthropophagistOne who eats human flesh;a cannibal
aphagiaThe inability or refusal to eat or swallow
aphagopraxiaThe loss of the ability to swallow
aphagosisInability to eat
arachnophagousFeeding on spiders
araneophageEater of spiders
argilliophagistOne who eats white clay
autocoprophageAn organism that consumes its own feces
autologophagistOne who eats their own words
autophagiBirds that are able to run around and obtain their own food as soon as they are hatched

~ B ~

bacteriophageEater of bacteria
batrachophagousFeeding on frogs
bibliophageEater of books; a bookworm
biophagousFeeding on living organisms; a reference to certain parasites
bradyphagiaAbnormal slowness when eating

~ C ~

carcinophagousFeeding on crabs
carpophageEater of fruit
cerophageEater of wax
cheilophagiaExcessive biting of the lips
chthonophagiaEating earth
coniophageEater of dust
coprophagousFeeding on excrement
creophageEating of meat
cytophagocytosisThe ingestion of cells by phagocytes

~ D ~

dendrophageEater of trees
detriophageEater of detritus
dysphagiaDifficulty in swallowing

~ E ~

ectoophageAn insect larva that hatches from an egg deposited on or near a host egg that it then eats
ectophageEater of the outside of a food source
embryophagyThe act of one embryo cannabalising for food in utero
endoophageAn insect larva that hatches from an egg deposited within a host egg that it then eats
endophageEater from within the food source
esophagousThe tube that carries food, liquids and saliva from the mouth to the stomach
entomophageEater of insects
erythrophageA phagocyte that ingests erythrocytes
euphagiaA normal and proper manner of eating
euryphageEater of a wide variety of foods
exophagyCannibalism outside the tribe or family

~ F ~

formiphagiaFeeding on ants
fuciphageEater of seaweed

~ G ~

galactophageEater of milk
galliphageEater of galls
geophageEater of soil
glossophagineUsing the tongue while eating

~ H ~

haliphagiaThe ingestion of an abnormally large amount of salts
harpactophagousFeeding by preying on other animals; predatory, used especially with reference to insects
hematophagySubsisting on the blood of another animal
heterophagousFeeding on a wide variety of food items
heterophagyDigestion within a cell of an exogenous substance phagocytosed from the cell's environment
hippophagismThe eating of horsemeat
histophagousEating or subsisting on tissues
hyalophagiaThe eating of glass
hylophageEater of wood
hyperphagiaAbnormally increased appetite for and consumtionof food

~ I ~

ichthyophageEater of fish
isophagousUsed of predators or or parasites which are selective with regard to food but not necessarily bound by that choice

~ J ~

(None known)

~ K ~

kreatophagiaThe eating of raw meat

~ L ~

lactiphagousConsuming a diet composed entirely of milk
larviphagicFeeding on larvae
leukocytophagyThe phagocytosis of leukocytes by cells of the monocyte-macrophage system
leukophagocytosisThe ingestion of leukocytes by phagocytes
lignophagicFeeding on wood
limophageEater of mud
lipophageEater of fat
lithophagiaThe consumption of stones
logophagOne who eats their own words
lymphagogueAn agent that increase the formation and flow of lymph

~ M ~

macrophagousFeeding on relatively large food particles or prey
macrophytophagousfeeding on higher plant material only
mallophagousFeeding on wool
meconophagistConsumer of opium or heroin
megaaesophagusFailure of the esophagogastric sphincter to relax when swallowing
meliphageEater of honey
microphagousFeeding on relatively minute particles or on very small prey
monophagousFeeding on one kind of food only
mycetophageEater of fungi
mycophagyThe eating of fungi; especially, mushrooms
myrmecophageEater of ants

~ N ~

necrophageEater of dead or decaying flesh
necrophytophageEater of dead plant materials
nekrophytophageEater of dead plant materials
nematophageEater of nematodes
neuronophagiaThe destruction of nerve cells by phagocytes
neustophagyEating organisms living in the surface film of water

~ O ~

odynophagiaPain on swallowing foods and fluid
oligophagyThe eating of only a few specific foods
omophagousFeeding on raw food, especially raw flesh
onychophagiaThe habit of biting one's fingernails
oophagousFeeding on eggs
ophiophagousFeeding on snakes
opiophagyThe consumption of opiates by mouth
opsophagyThe eating of delicacies
osteophagousFeeding on bones
ostreophageEater of oysters

~ P ~

pagophagiaThe compulsive eating of ice
pantophagistOne who eats just about anything
periesophagealOf, relating to, occurr in, or being the tissues surrounding the esophagus
phagocyteAny cell capable of ingesting particulate matter
phagodynamometerAn apparatus for measuring the force exerted in chewing food
phagologyThe study of eating
phagolysisThe destruction of phagocytes
phagomaniaA compulsive desire to eat
phagophobiaAn irrational fear of eating or swallowing
phagotherapyThe treatment of an illness with specific kinds of food
phagotrophAn organism that ingests nutrients by phagocytosis
phagozoiteAn animal that feeds on dead or disintegrating tissue
phthirophagousFeeding on lice
phycophagousFeeding on seaweed
phayllophageEater of leaves
phytophageEater of plant material
pleophagousFeeding on a variety of foods
pneumophagiaExcessive swallowing of air; aerophagia
pollenophageEater of pollen
poltophagyThourough chewing of food
polyphagiaExcessive eating
presbyesophagusAbnormal esophageal motor function related to aging
protozoophageA phagocyte that injests protozoa
psomophagiaThe practice of swallowing food without thorough mastication

~ Q ~

(None known)

~ R ~

rhizophagousFeeding on roots
rhypophagousFeeding on filth, excrement, putrid matter or refuse

~ S ~

saprophageEater of decaying organic matter
sarcophagousFeeding on flesh
Saurophaganax"Lizard-eating master", a genus of allosaurid dinosaur
saurophagousFeeding on lizards
scatophagousFeeding on dung
scolecophagousFeeding on worms
sialoaerophagiaThe swallowing of saliva and air
sialophagiaExcessive swallowing of saliva
siderophageA macrophage laden with phagocytosed iron-containing particles
skatophagyVarient spelling of scatophagy: the eating of dung
stenophagousFeeding on a single kind or limited variety of food
sycophagousFeeding on figs

~ T ~

tachyphagiaRapid eating; bolting of food
tecnophagyThe eating of one's children
theophagyThe practice of eating the body of a god
thermophagyThe eating of very hot food
trichophagiaThe compulsive eating of hair

~ U ~

(None known)

~ V ~

vermiphagiaEating worms

~ W ~

(None known)

~ X ~

xerophagiaThe eating of dry food
xylophageEater of wood

~ Y ~

(None known)

~ Z ~

zoophagousFeeding on animals
zoosaprophagousFeeding on decaying animal matter

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