Scorpio Tales

Random wanderings along the convoluted byways of the English language

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AnagramsAnagramsDread rare wrongs (Rearranged words)
Animal AdjectivesAnimal AdjectivesThe wild, the wooly ... and the scaly
Back WordsBack WordsForwards or backwards, they still make a word
Collective NounsCollective NounsA plurality of plurals
Comical NamesComical NamesWhat do they call you?
ContronymsContronymsWords that contradict themselves
Curious Word OriginsCurious Word OriginsCommon words with uncommon beginnings
Eat Your WordsEat your WordsYum, yum
Eat Some More WordsEat Some More WordsMmm, delicious
EpilaughsEpilaughsHere lie many old puns
EponymsEponymsWords derived from people's names
Expressions & SayingsExpressions & SayingsWhy do we say that?
Fighting WordsFighting WordsCome on, break it up now!
Funny EnglishFunny EnglishLinguistic lunacy
HeteronymsHeteronymsSame spelling, different sound and meaning
HomonymsHomonymsSame sound and spelling, different meaning
HomophonesHomophonesSame sound, different spelling and meaning
In The BeginningIn The BeginningWhere it all starts!
Irregular VerbsIrregular VerbsIt's all in the past
Killing WordsKilling WordsNot guilty!
Mangled EnglishMangled EnglishThe English language, tortured and twisted
ManiasManiasGlazomanic verbomania
Negative WordsNegative WordsNegatives without positives
Numerical WordsNumerical WordsIt all figures
OlogiesOlogiesA studious list
OnymsOnymsName that word
OronymsOronymsBut, I thought you said ...
PalindromesPalindromesForwards or backwards, they read the same
PangramsPangramsWhy settle for a few letters, when you can use them all?
PhobiasPhobiasNo phobologophobia here
Portmanteau WordsPortmanteau WordsTwo words become one
SpoonerismsSpoonerismsDangled worms
Timely WordsTimely WordsTick, tick tick
Tom SwiftiesTom Swifties"I've got a page all of my own," said Tom proprietorially
Tongue TwistersTongue TwistersSeveral sneakily sly, serpentine sentences (Some silly)
Unusual WordsUnusual WordsRarely seen words and their meanings
Word TriviaWord TriviaThings you really didn't need to know
Words of LoveWords of LoveJe t'aime, je t'aime
You're Sacked!You're Sacked!Get out of here!

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