In The Beginning

The greek word genesis means the act of begetting, producing or giving origin to. Just as Genesis, the first book of the Bible, tells the story of the Creation, words with the suffix -genesis and its various forms refer to creation, beginning, origination, mode of production or formation. Here is a list of such words.

abiogenesisSpontaneous generation of animate matter
aerogenesisFormation of gas
aesthesiogenicCausing or producing a sensation
agamogenesisAsexual reproduction
agenesisIncomplete development of the body or part of the body
agglutinogenicCapable of causing the production of an agglutinin
allergenicProducing allergies
allogenesisChanges in an ecological community primarily through periodic, acute, external (exogenous) disturbances, such as storms
allogenicTaken from different individuals of the same species. Also called allogeneic
anagenesisTissue regeneration
androgenesisProduction of males
angiogenesisProduction of new blood vessels
anogenicFormed from below
anorexigenicCausing anorexia (loss of appetite)
anthropogenesisEvolution or origin of human beings
antiallergenicPreventing or delaying the development of alergies
anticarcinogenicPreventing or delaying the development of cancer
antigenicStimulating the production of an antibody
atherogenesisProduction of fatty material on the inner coat of the arteries
audiogenicCaused by sound, especially a loud sound
autogenesisSee abiogenesis
autogenousSelf-engendered, self-produced, independent
bibliogenesisProduction of books
biogenesisDoctrine that living matter originates only from living matter
blastogenesisReproduction by budding
bronchogenic1. Having origin in the lung - 2. Resulting from a disease or disorder of the lung
caenogenesisDevelopment in individual of processes not common to its species
calorigenicHeat-producing, especially with regard to food or certain hormones
carcinogenesisCausing cancer
cardiogenic1. Having origin in the heart - 2. Resulting from a disease or disorder of the heart
cariogenicCausing tooth decay
catogenicFormed from above
cauligenousOriginating on the stem of a plant
chondrogenesisDevelopment of cartilage
chromogenesisProduction of coloring matter or pigment
chronogenesis1. The time sequence of occurrences of organisms in stratified rock - 2. The history of the development of a group of organisms
cladogenesisEvolutionary process whereby one species splits into two or more species
cocarcinogenesisCombination of two or more different factors in the production of cancer
comedogenicCausing or aggravating acne
coralligenousProducing coral
cosmogenesisOrigin and development of the cosmos
cosmogenicProduced by cosmic rays
criminogenicProducing crime or criminality
cryptogenicOf unknown origin
crystallogenesisProduction or formation of crystals
crystallogenyScience and theory of the production of crystals
cyanogenesisGeneration of cyanide
cyclogenesisInitiation or intensification of a cyclonic circulation in the atmosphere
cytogenesisFormation, development and variation of cells
cytopathogenesisProduction of pathological changes in cells
diabetogenicCausing diabetes
diagenesisProduction of rock out of sediment
diplogenesisDevelopment of a double fetus or of a fetus with a part or parts doubled
dynamogenesisGeneration of power, force, or energy, especially muscular or nervous energy
dysgenesisSterility, especially in hybrid creatures
dysgenicUnfavourable to the hereditary qualities of any stock or people
ectogenesisGrowth of an organism or part outside the body instead of inside
electrogenesisProduction of electricical impulses in living organisms or tissues
embryogenesisFormation of an embryo
encephalitogenicCausing encephalitis
endogenesisGrowing from within
enteropathogenicCapable of causing disease in the intestinal tract
epeirogenesisCreation of a continent by the pushing up of parts of the earth's crust
epigenesisTheory of the fresh creation of the embryo
epileptogenicHaving the capacity to induce epilepsy
erogenesisProduction of sexual desire
erotogenicSynonym of erogenic
estrogenicSynonym of oestrogenic
ethnogenesisCreation of a new ethnic group identity
ethnogenyStudy of origin of races
eugenesisFertility between hybrids
eugenicDevelopment and improvement of offspring through selective breeding
exogenousHaving external origins
florigenicCausing flowering
frontogenesisMeeting of two different air currents causing clouds
gametogenesisFormation of gametes
gamogenesisSexual reproduction
gelogenicProducing laughter
geogenousGrowing on the ground
geogenyScience or study of the formation of the earth's crust
geomorphogenyStudy of earth forms
gluconeogenesisBiosynthesis of new glucose
glycogenesisFormation or synthesis of glycogen
goitrogenicCausing goitres
gynogenesisParthenogenesis in which the egg is activated by sperm, but without fusion of the egg and sperm nuclei
haematogenesisFormation of blood cells in the living body (especially in the bone marrow)
hallucinogenicInducing hallucinations
heterogenesisBirth of a living being from a parent of a different kind; having two different forms in the life cycle
histogenesisFormation of tissues and organs from undifferentiated cells
histopathogenesisDevelopment of tissue in relation to disease
hydrogenicFormed by water
hylogenesisOrigin of matter
hypnogenesisProduction of hypnosis
hypoallergenicDecreased tendency to cause allergies
hysterogenicProducing hysteria
iatrogenicResulting unintentionally from medical treatment
ideogenousOf mental origin
ideogenyStudy of origin of ideas
immunogenicCausing or able to produce an immune response
indigenousNaturally existing in a region
intragenicBeing or occurring within a gene
isoantigenicStimulating isoantibody production in other members of the same species who lack it
isogenySimilarity of origin
keratogenicAble to cause growth of horn, skin, hair, etc.
ketogenesisFormation of ketone bodies, as occurs in diabetes
kinetogenicCausing movement
lachrymogenicCausing tears
lactogenicInducing lactation
leukaemogenesisInduction, development, and progression of a leukemic disease
leukemogenesisSynonym of leukaemogenesis
lipogenesisFormation of fat from the synthesis of fatty substances
lithogenesisStudy of rock formation
lithogenous1. Stone-producing - 2. Forming coral
lysigenicFormed by lysis
lysogenesisProduction of lysin
mammogenicPromoting growth of the milk glands
marigenousProduced in or by the sea
megasporogenesisFormation of megaspores
melanogenesisProduction of the pigment melanin, responsible for skin colour
merogenesisProcess of reproducing by segmentation
metagenesisAlternation of like and unlike generations
metallogenicMetal occurring as an ore as opposed to in rocks
metallogenyStudy of origin of ores
microgenesisFormation of microspores
mitogenesisInduction of division in a cell
monogenesis1. Generation from one parent, asexual reproduction - 2. Development of an organism from a parent resembling itself
morphogenesisDevelopment of the form of an organism during its growth to maturity
multigenicHereditary characteristic that is specified by several genes
mutagenesisFormation or development of a mutation
myogenicOriginating in the muscles
mythogenesisCreation or production of myths
necrogenicPertaining to or deriving from dead animals
neogenesisRegeneration of biological tissue
nepheligenousDischarging smoke in clouds
neurogenesisDevelopment of nervous tissue
neurogenicOriginating in nervous tissue
noegenesisProduction of knowledge
nomogenyOrigination of life according to natural law, rather than by miracle
nonallergenicNot causing allergies
nonantigenicNot stimulating an antibody
noncarcinogenicNot causing cancer
nonpathogenicIncapable of causing disease
noogenesisBirth and evolution of the mind
nubigenousBorn of, or produced from, clouds
odontogenyOrigin and development of teeth
oestrogenicProducing female sex hormones
oncogenesisCausing cancerous tumours
ontogenesisOrigin and development of the individual organism
oogenesisOrigin and development of an ovum
organogenesisDevelopment of organs in animals and plants
orogenesisProcess of forming mountains
orthogenesisTheory of evolution that postulates that variation is determined by the action of environment
osteogenesisFormation of bone
oxygenicPertaining to, containing, or resembling, oxygen; producing oxygen
paedogenesisReproduction by young or larval animals
palingenesisResuscitation; rebirth; metempsychosis; exact reproduction of ancestral characteristics
pangenesisReproduction from every unit of the organism
paragenesisSequence in which the minerals are formed in an ore deposit
parthenogenesisReproduction without fertilisation; virgin birth
pathogenesisOrigin and development of disease
pedogenesisDevelopment of soil
petrogenesisOrigin or development of rocks
phenogenesisOrigin of races
phlogogeneticCausing inflamation
photogenic1. Suitable for being photographed - 2. Producing light, phosphorescent - 3. Produced by the action of light
photomorphogenicGrowing in light
phylogenesisSequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms
phytogenesisOrigin, generation or evolution of plants
phytogenicDerived from plants
phytopathogenicCausing disease in plants
planetogenyTheory of the origin of planets
polygenesisTheory that a race or species descends from several independent ancestral groups
polygenousConsisting of many kinds of material
precipitinogenicCausing precipitation
protogenicFormed at the beginning
psychogenesisOrigin and development of the mind
pyogenesisFormation of pus, suppuration
pyrogenousProduced by fire or heat; producing fire, heat, or fever
pythogenicDue to or causing dirt or decay
rachitogenicCausing rickets
radiogenic1. Produced by radioactivity - 2. Suitable for radio broadcasting
rhinogenousDeriving from the nose
saprogenicCausing decay; produced in decaying matter
schizogenesisReproduction by fission
skeletogenousForming or producing parts of the skeleton
sociogenesisEvolution or origin of human societies
soligenousDeveloped in the influence of ground water
somatogenicCaused from withing the body as distinguished from soul and spirit
spermatogenesisDevelopment or production of mature spermatozoa
spermiogenesisSynonym of spermatogenesis
spodogenousCaused by waste matter
sporogenesisSpore formation
steroidogenesisProduction of steroids by living organisms
syngenesisReproduction by the union of the ovum and the spermatozoon
taphrogenesisVertical movement of the earth's crust
teratogenicProducing malformation of an embryo
terrigenous1. Formed in the sea from debris from land erosion - 2. Produced by or derived from the earth
tetanigenousCausing tetanus or tetanoid spasms
thaumatogenyOrigination of life as a miraculous process
thermogenesisProduction of heat, especially by physiological processes
thymogenicDue to emotion
toxicogenicProducing or produced by poisons
toxigenicSynonym of toxicogenic
transgenicContaining genetic material artificially transferred from another species
trichogenousPromoting growth of the hair
tumorigenicCapable of causing tumors
typhogenicCausing typhoid fever or typhus
ulcerogenicTending to cause an ulcer
unigenesisNon-sexual reproduction
unigenousBeing of one kind; being of the same genus
urogenousProduced by urine
venigenousContaining veins of metal or quartz
viridigenousProducing greenness
vitelligenousProducing yolk or stimulating its production
xenogenesisProduction of offspring completely unlike either parent
xenogenousDue to external cause
xylogenousAdapted to or living in or on wood
zoogenyOrigination of life
zoogenicProduced from animals
zymogenicCausing fermentation

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