As everyone knows, an anagram is a word or sentence formed by transposing the letters of another word or sentence. Contained in the following pages is a selection of names of famous people, places, events, etc. anagrammatised in apt and amusing ways - some more appropriately than others.

Page 1: Books
Best Selling Authors
Children's Authors
Classic Novelists
Crime Writers
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Authors
Classic Novels
Page 2: Film
American Film Actors
American Film Actresses
British Film Actors
British Film Actresses
Oscar Actors Prior To 1960
Oscar Actresses Prior To 1960
1960s Oscar Actors
1960s Oscar Actresses
Page 3: Film
1970s Oscar Actors
1970s Oscar Actresses
1980s Oscar Actors
1980s Oscar Actresses
1990s Oscar Actors
1990s Oscar Actresses
Famous Directors
Page 4: Film
Comedy Films
Disney Films
Horror Films
Sci-Fi Films
Musical Films
Western Films
Page 5: Food & Drink
British Cuisine
French Cuisine
Italian Cuisine
Oriental & Indian Cuisine
Beers & Lagers
Page 6: Miscellaneous
Cat Breeds
Dog Breeds
Newspapers & Magazines
Parts Of The Body
Page 7: Music
1960s Pop & Rock Stars
1970s Pop & Rock Stars
1980s Pop & Rock Stars
1990s Pop & Rock Stars
Page 8: Music
1960s Pop & Rock Bands
1970s Pop & Rock Bands
1980s Pop & Rock Bands
1990s Pop & Rock Bands
Page 9: Personalities
American Historical Figures
British Historical Figures
Fashion Designers
Infamous Criminals
Nobel Prize Winners
Page 10: Places
American & African Countries
European & Asian Countries
Capital Cities
American Towns & Cities
English Towns & Cities
European Towns & Cities
Page 11: Politics
American Politicians
British Politicians
World Leaders
Political Parties
Page 12: Sport
American Football Teams
English Football Teams
Rugby Clubs
English Cricketers
Famous Athletes
Famous Boxers
Famous Golfers

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