The Great North Road at Darrington Crossroads in about 1920, winding its way south towards Wentbridge. The large white  building with the sign outside is the Crown Inn to the left of which the road leads to Womersley. Behind it, the very white gabled building is the Ship Inn.  Opposite the Crown is the entrance to the coaching stables provided by the inn for travellers to rest their horses. In front of the stables  the road to Pontefract leads off to the right.The Darrington Hotel now occupies the site of those stables as well as part of the Darrington Hall grounds. Note there is no traffic in sight!

This photograph was taken from a similar position in 1966 before the flyover was constructed to replace the by now dangerous crossing place. The road widening scheme started shortly before the Second World War meant the two inns, stables and some cottages in the older picture had been
demolished. The new road was undoubtedly needed, but the old one had been easier to cross.


Gone, but not forgotten!