The Post Office and shop at Holly Cottage serving Darrington and the locality.

          During 1970, the position was readvertised with the stipulation that an appointment would only be made provided proper commercial shop premises were available.  Mr Geoffrey Barker applied for the position. He had come from Knottingley but had just acquired the property on Estcourt Road called Holly Cottage.
          Holly Cottage had been used as a shop for some years but had been closed for a few years prior to it being sold.  At that time the Post Office officials would not allow a lock up shop to be used as an office, but due to the fact that planning permission had been attained for a new building, the rule was relaxed for the period of time that it took to erect the new shop.
          The building of the shop took over a year as there were difficulties resulting from a building strike and a dock strike.  On completion the Post Office was opened up in the new shop and the living accommodation was occupied.
        Geoffrey Barker continued in office until late 1988 when the position of sub-post master was taken over by James Hudson."
          Following his retirement in the mid 1990's the position has been occupied by two further people, Yvonne Holt and since 2001 Christine Pugh.

The stone commemorating the opening of the new Post Office at Holly Cottage, Estcourt Road, in 1973.