Mr Longdon

Mr Longdon writes:
        " The Post Office in Darrington goes back many years. Who the first Post Master or Mistress was I do not know but I understand that Miss Kitty Featherstone was sub-post mistress in the 1930's.
          Kitty Featherstone lived in a cottage on the junction of Darrington Road / Estcourt Road and Marlpit Lane. Later the cottage was replaced by the dwelling now called Highfield House.
          The Post Office continued to operate from these premises until the retirement of Kitty in 1969. After her retrirement the position  was advertised and was susequently taken by Mrs Maureen Hill who lived at a detached house on Estcourt Road called Cotswold.
          The office was operated from a small counter placed in the entrance hall of the house.  This worked for a short time but was not adequate as there was not enough space for display or more than one customer.

Collection Times

Monday - Friday            1.  11.15 am
                                            2.  2.45 pm
                                            3.  4.15 pm
Saturday                          10.30 am
Sunday                            11.45 am
Good Friday                    10.30 am
Bank Holiday Monday  11.45 am

Thank goodness we've a shop and Post Office in the village!