This is a very popular village amenity. It is a year round playing area as well as the location for many village events.
The well being of the field is overseen by the Village Field Committee who see to its maintenance and development.
Money raised at village events pays for this.
Current developments include :

  • more park benches

  • safety work on the playing equipment

  • dog waste bins!

Thank you for our lovely new roundabout

The newest attraction is an extra piece of play equipment.
It is
a brand new roundabout!
It is top quality and saftisfies stringent safety regulations.
The children at the village school were asked what new things they would like on their village field and the idea of a roundabout was high on their list.

Thank You
We received encouragement and financial support from various sources and wish to thank them here.

Thank You
Waste Recycling Group (WRG) gave a £5000 contribution. This money comes from money generated through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme administered by WREN ( Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd)
This scheme gives waste management companies the opportunity to divert 20% of their Landfill Tax into community, environmental research and education projects.

Darrington Quarries Ltd was the company involved in this project.

Thank You
A £1,000 grant was received from Wakefield MDC Strategic Reserve Community Chest.

Thank You
The remainder was financed by The Village Field Trust from money raised at the Feast and Fayre.