Darrington's historic Tithe Barn was derelict for many years. The building stood next to Darrington Parish Church graveyard. It was thought to be Early Medieval.
    The old vicarage,the Dovecote and the barn were all close together. The barn belonged to the vicar and as such it was a 'tithe' barn. When it was intact it had five bays. The original roof was almost certainly built of stone tiles as the general pitch of it was low; a thatched roof would have had a steeper pitch. It appears that it always had stone walls as the aisle wall plates had no peg holes on their under surface as they would have if they were timber framed.

The structure became unsafe and was considered a danger. There was a fear of its general collapse. The Church  Council did not feel that it could meet running costs if it had been restored.
Ultimately local preservationalists lost out, despite meetings, and proposed actions.

The tithe barn behind which can be seen 'the Vicar's Dovecote'

Groups involved in efforts to preserve the barn included Darrington Civic Society and the Darrington and East Hardwick Labour Party.
Before it was demolished it was thoroughly examined by members of the Yorkshire Archeological Society.  There were various last minute efforts to save the barn