Take a look round the village.
People live here...work here...worship here...buy and sell here...
                  eat and drink here...
                                        raise families here...         
                                                                have fun here...

St Luke's Church

The priest in charge is Reverend Adrian Judd.
Sunday Services are held as follows:
8.15am Holy Eucharist-...1st & 3rd Sundays
10.45am Parish Communion ...every Sunday except 2nd Sunday unless major festival

10.45am Family Service ...on 2nd Sunday
There are other services which are announced from time to time, for example Harvest, Carols etc.
Marriages and Funerals are to be arranged with the Churchwardens.
The church has a choir and other groups and clubs.
St Luke's is fitted with an amplification and loop  system for the hard of hearing.
There is wheel chair access to the church and        sanctuary rail.
A warm welcome awaits you.
Other Services : as announced
Baptisms, Funerals and Marriages please contact Revd A Judd

Other information: See Darrington with Wentbridge Parish Magazine