This is a picture of another similar windmill in the area.  It was taken in the 1920's.  Its broken sail, deteriorating top and masonry shows the passing of the windpower age of flour milling.        Perhaps we'll return to local natural power in the future. The mill pictured above was one of seven mills guarding the hillsides between Knottingley and Kellingley.  Dandy Mill in Pontefract continued working into the 20th century though by then it was difficult to make it profitable.  Some local mills, like the King's Mill and St Thomas's Mill were converted into houses;  but these subsequently joined most of the others by being demolished.  There is little evidence remaining today of these other mills. This factor, I believe, gives greater importance to our own Darrington

These windmills were once an essential part of the economy of this part of Yorkshire.  For a while they became picturesque survivals.  However like many other buildings most of them were eventually doomed.  With just a little imagination I'm sure you can picture Darrington Mill in its hayday as one of a string of beautiful workplaces.

Picture the turning sails, the smoothly running wood and cast-iron machinery, warm flour freshly milled by rapidly revolving stones, and the miller proudly showing the mill to his customers!