The Halifax heavy bomber proved itself to be England's second best heavy bomber, eclipsed only by the superb AVRO Lancaster. It was first flown only three months after the Short Stirling, but proved to be far    superior to that aircraft in most ways. The Halifax's overall performance classed it as one of the best combat planes of the war, something that is rarely recognised today. The Halifax was made in numerous versions, the most numerous being the Mk. I and II with 2,050 produced. Unfortunately, the Halifax MkI had a serious flaw in the design of it's tail structure that caused it to go into a rapid, uncontrollable spin if it was flung about the air too much. This undoubtedly caused a number of fatal crashes. The design of the tail structure was changed in the Mk. II and III versions. These proved to be far superior to the Mk. I. A total of 2,060 Mk. IIIs were produced from Feb. 1944 to the war's end. Mk. VI and VII versions were completed at the war's end with more powerful engines and longer range. The Halifax was primarily a night heavy bomber, but it was also used in Coastal Command to hunt U-boats as the Mk. V and for dropping paratroops, it was also used to ferry troops, as an air ambulance and a glider-tug. In the night bomber role Halifaxs flew a total of 75,532 missions, dropping more than 227,000 tons of bombs. Only four Halifaxs made it to 100 missions. Today there is no complete Halifax bomber on display. One is being reconstructed from a plane that crashed in Norway. Several wrecks are on display and the most complete aircraft is at the Trenton Museum, Trenton, Ontario.

If you wish to read a further excellent account of this incident I recommend you get hold of  "The Crash Report," by Brian Lunn,
Author of 'Aircraft Down Books' Published by Hardwick Publications, available from Yorkshire Dales Books

About the Crew of the Halifax BB245
Pilot - Sgt Edward George Wilson   
Flight Engineer -  Sgt Thomas Glyn Roberts
30 years old, from Birkenhead
Navigator -  Sgt John Arthur Cruddington
20 years old from Kent