The part of Darrington that was to be largely            destroyed by the stricken bomber on a dark    September night some 57 years ago.

Eye-witness accounts by people in the viscinity are very similar.  They heard the droning of the plane, evidently flying very low, then a large crash; and when they rushed out, they saw what most of them described as a " huge sheet of flame."  Mrs H Jackson who lives in one of the cottages overlooking the damaged houses, said there seemed to be a "big swish" and then the lights went out.  "But through the blackout curtains we could see flames.  When I got outside I was surprised to find that there had been a crash, because I thought it was a German plane that had dropped a bomb. In front of me there was just a sheet of flame and for a time we in these cottages were marooned."  Mrs Jackson told how she and other neighbours threw buckets of water on the flames near the old chapel, to prevent an ajoining house catching fire. Most of the water came from outside tubs, baths and tanks all of which had been emptied by the time that the National Fire Service units        arrived.

The cottage complex, now mainly demolished in which Percy Rhodes lived. To the back, on the right is the now demolished Wesley Chapel.
Pictured here are Mr and Mrs Fred Atkins and their daughter Joan, with Mrs Pease.