This second part of the website looks at aspects of Darrington of special interest.

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Visitors to this site have asked if it was possible to include pictures and stories of old Darrington. I am thankful to Mr J Longdon, a retired schoolmaster who lives in the village, who has supplied me with a wealth of enormously interesting information about the village resulting from some tireless research on his part over many years.

I intend to focus on specific events  or aspects of Darrington's history, using the carefully documented work of Mr Longdon.

To begin this journey back in time I have chosen in this first  instance to share with you the events of on a fateful night in September 1943 when death and destruction came to the peaceful village of Darrington.

Other aspects will include

The Old Windmill
Notable Residents of the Past
Pictures of the Past
Special Events...
and more!

I have not yet decided on the order of subjects but hope that this if anything will add to the anticipation!
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This is the actual cluster of houses in Darrington, before they were destroyed in 1943.