The 21st century's first digital modern poet

Poetry and the internet were made for each other. The condensed, semiotic mode of the former and the personal, global reach of the latter allow poets to reclaim their place at the heart of a public hungry for a message that cannot be expressed in any other medium.

Geoff Tim's work gained popularity through readings and email groups leading to the self-publication of his first volume of poetry, Visions of Life. The widespread acclaim with which this was received led Geoff to put together a collection of ten intense poems covering aspects of 20th century life with a 21st century sensibility.

This is the basis of Deca. Ten poems which cut to the very heart of what it means to be alive today and still remember the recent past. The digital format of Deca, available from Cool Publications Ltd. (www.coolpublications.com) allows the reader to access poetry not just on their PC or laptop but also on their Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

The title was chosen to reflect not just the fact that there are ten poems in the book (deca is the ancient Greek prefix for ten, but also the fact that Geoff's poetry has an indefinable 'X' factor, something which makes the hairs at the back of your neck stand up.

"As with all our digital books Deca comes with an enhanced Cool Zone section that touches on aspects of modern poetry and helps the reader enrich their experience and appreciation of poetry," says Projects Editor, David Amerland. "The live, embedded links, that allow the reader to visit websites and send emails right from the digital book are the perfect marriage between the internet and the world of publishing and this makes it the perfect medium for releasing Geoff's poetry to a global audience."

Geoff's work cuts across all ages. He has had fan mail from 17 year old students who have been touched by the honesty with which he writes and he has corresponded with 60-year-olds who thought poetry could not be accessible.

With a reputation for making people stop and think with his poems Geoff has become the 21st century's freshest, most dynamic street poet.

"People read poetry for many different reasons," says senior editor Chris Walker, who was instrumental in Geoff's work being accepted for publication, "for some it's the appreciation of language, or an admiration of the facility poets have with words. For most though it's the message. There is something in Geoff's work which stops you cold and forces you to think about what he's saying. Sometimes it's the way he describes familiar things. At other times it's the power of the feeling behind the words. The fact is that whatever the reason, Geoff's work has real stopping power. And that, in a poet, is where the real talent lies."

Deca, ISBN: 1 84481 053 4, is available as an enhanced, intelligent, digital book from Cool Publications Ltd (www.coolpublications.com) at £3.50.

Geoff Tims carries out an inordinate amount of research for each poem he writes. In a sense he fulfils the Victorian vision of the poet "drinking the marrow of life…" and distilling the essence in his poetry.