Fizgig profile (updated Jun 2003)


Lincolnshire based singer songwriting duo

Originally both were members of the folk rock band Ragtrade who were a popular act around Lincolnshire in the early 1990's. Following the demise of that band, Kip Winter & Dave Wilson teamed up as an acoustic duo.

Kip who is of Scottish desent and Dave who hails from Sleaford in Lincolnshire perform stunning original songs written by Dave, who is gradually receiving the acclaim he deserves as a songwriting talent.

Winter Wilson haven't looked back since the release of their superb debut CD of original songs entitled 'By The Skin Of Our Teeth' in 1997. Though they are a popular act with Lincolnshire's folk clubs, Kip & Dave do not like the folk tag, acoustic singer/songwriters is a more apt term for their style. Dave plays guitar & sings, Kip Winter who provides exquisite vocals & harmonies & occasionally plays flute & bass.

The duo released their long awaited second album, which is aptly titled 'Matter Of Time' in the spring of 2001. Around this time Vin Garbutt picked up on Dave's evocative song about the Falkland Islands conflict 'Storm Around Tumbledown' after the duo supported him. Vin included the song in his live set, thus raising Dave's profile.

They have appeared at a number of festivals, including Cleethorpes and are now appearing at folk clubs as far afield as Surrey and Cheshire. They have also performed songs and won awards at the finals of the Lincolnshire Folk Song competitions on a number of occasions.

For more information / booking details check out the Winter Wilson website.