added Oct 2003 (Glaswerk Press Release)


Internationally drawn but London based pop rock supremo's WHITE BUFFALO are off on their promoted UK autumn tour. Promoting their new single "Obsession" to be released on the 20th October with the title track taken off their previously released album "Waiting to go home" (Stamina Wax).

Splashing, reverberating vocal power and disharmony with melodic entrails surmises the WHITE BUFFALO sound. Having previously supported Marrillion on their European tour and regularly attracting celebrities to their gigs (Including Rod Stewart – is that good or bad?) they are no stranger to live performance. Scottish vocalist Phil Campbell has the biggest voice from a wee man you will ever hear. Bass mother Evan Jenkins doesn't look like he's of this planet never mind from New Zealand. Aussie drum monkey Hossi looks like he's in heaven every time he gets to bash his skins.

Read what some other press type people have said about them:

"A world away from the mass media's over-riding continual obsession with Pop Idol fare… White Buffalo are - shock horror - a rock band simmering with feeling and emotion. Deep felt passion from front man Campbell, well rounded backing that rises and falls around him, setting and matching the mood. A mix that stirs and soothes the soul… could easily lead to fame and fortune, major label status beckons."

Q Sheet, 'Rhodes Rave' Single of the month ("Porcelain Skin")

"It feels faintly ridiculous to review the London trio in a demo column, as Grammy winner Matt Howe produces them. But, surely it's more absurd that they're unsigned. Powerful grunge in the Stone Temple Pilots mould, theirs remains a sound crying out for wider attention. 4/5"

Channel 4 Teletext.

"Astounding stuff… a unique urgency, vitality, passion, and openness… one of the finest and most versatile rock voices around today, while the band's diverse and intimate song writing is peerless. White Buffalo deserve the sort of electronic media attention devoted to the likes of Coldplay and other hyped bands. Brilliant melody, wonderful lyrics and one of the finest rock vocal and instrumental performances I have heard on record this year. Essential. 5/5."

on "Waiting To Go Home" album.

Like it? Interested? Go see them here –

14th October – Deva and Mail Social Club, Chester

15th October – Blu Bar, Rhyl

16th October – Hendre Hall, Bangor

17th October – Angelsey Arms, Caernarfon

18th October – Cellar Bar, Blackburn

19th October – Snooty Fox, Wakefield

20th October – The Shed, Leicester

21st October – Junktion 7, Nottingham

22nd October – The Late Rooms, Manchester

23rd October – Leopard, Doncaster

25th October – Borderline, London

29th October – Flapper and Firkin, Birmingham

30th October – The Masque, Liverpool


Mat Ong 0151 280 9679 / (promoter)

Dave Johnson +44 (0) 7957 311563 / (manager)