Updated Jan 2005


The band is 'Stranded on a magical, mysterious and misunderstood Island where they can only be found by music lovers'

Stranded are a young band from the Louth area of Lincolnshire. They play a variety of music, encompassing many musical genres including rock, indie rock, metal, nu metal, classical and others. They are inspired by the likes of Sum41, Blink 182, Deep Purple, Boston, Canadian guitarist Jeff Healey, Queen and many others.

Currently the band's set list is a combination of covers from different decades and original material including songs such as 'Fly Forward', recently featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and 'Enemy' which can be downloaded from Stranded's very informative website.

The group also have an on-going commitment to the Monk's Dyke College and the community in their area, The Stranded Project, find out more about their work in the Louth area via their website.

Dec 2004 Update: Recently the band has been working on their forthcoming album, which will be released in the near future. The album will include popular original tracks such as 'Mr Ego,' written by the talented Tessa Beighton, and will be available to purchase at gigs in the future. The CD has been produced at 'Industrial Studios' in 'The New-Media Centre' based at Monks' Dyke Technology College, and was mixed by Director of Music, Mr Keith Lines. Stranded's live gigging has been curtailed during the second half of 2004 as drummer Jenni has been away living and working in Spain. They re-grouped for several gigs over the Christmas hols.

Oct 2005 Update:

"It's heartening that their jangly none-more-girly acoustics are in the superior Thea Gilmore mode, rather than the usual winsome drivetime slop. Effervescent rather than gloopy, it's worth a dozen Katie Meluas." (John Earls, Channel 4 Teletext.)

Louth's melodic rock group Stranded was formed in the year 2000 when drummer Jenni Dick, and her sibling Joe Dick jammed together with schoolmate Tessa Beighton.

Originating with just guitars and drums, Stranded did a few basic gigs with a set of covers. With various singers/bass players in the next 2 years the band gigged in the local area and began to raise the name of "Stranded."

Ceri joined the band as a fully-fledged member in 2003 after assisting with vocals for the past year or so. The band began doing some original material and the first song "Enemy" was recorded on E.P Equal Waiting, which was distributed around the college.

After many difficulties in holding down a bass player, which at the time was Andy Gammon, music-technology teacher/sound engineer and producer Keith Lines joined the band for the ever-growing set. The end of 2003/beginning of 2004 saw the band regularly gigging at venues around Lincolnshire. These included Axe&Cleaver in Boston, Horncastle's Old Nicks Tavern, Spilsby Theatre and The Farm at Chapel St Leoanards.

With a storming, diverse set list comprising of covers and original material the band played to audiences of up to 1000 people. Andy left the band at the beginning of 2004 so after auditions, and much difficulty with reliable bass players, Alex Wilkinson was found. Alex's unique style and crazy hair made the band feel complete.

With some amazing gigs and bookings with more and more venues, the band also had half an album recorded at "Industrial Studios" (Louth). Tessa's writing skills were ever-improving with the likes of "Fly Forward", which has been reviewed by teletext with excellent results, and Mr Ego, which saw her win a Fame Academy Bursary award and reach the final stage of televisions "Make it Break it."

Aswell as "Fly Forward" and "Mr Ego", live favourites "Vitriol" and "Enemy" have also gained airplay on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

The band have also got to share the stage with the likes of John Peel favs and riot grrl stars We Start Fires, Indie group Solar Flare and Swedish singer-songwriter Jenny Beck and Lincoln's top indie band The Saved.

2005 has seen Stranded continue to gig extensively around Lincolnshire, playing gigs in Grimsby, Scunthorpe aswell as headlining 'A Concert For Childline' in Louth. And having notched up over 35 gigs in the last 18 months Stranded are now recognised as one of Lincolnshire's hardest gigging bands.

The next few months will see Stranded back in the studio to record more tracks and out-and-about playing live throughout the county and…..beyond.

With their unique sound, enthusiasm, talent and serious energy it is certain you will be hearing about them in the near future.

Stranded are;

Ceri; Vocals

Tessa; Guitar and backing vocals

Joe; Guitar

Alex; Bass

Jenni; Drums

email the group at thestrandedband@aol.com