Added Oct 2004


Smokestack Blues Band are a six piece rhythm and blues band based in Leicester. Formed in 2002 by Tony Challis (Lead, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals) & Paul Flax (Rhythm Guitar), soon after they were joined by Andrew Molloy (Bass, Acoustic Guitar) and drummer John (who left before their first gig). Talented teenage keyboard player Michael Bedder and former Hellraisers vocalist / harmonica player Andy Parkes joined the band just in time for their first gig on Boxing Day 2002. John being replaced by a dep for this gig. Smokestack completed their line up when and Dave Heatherley (Drums, Vocals), joined the group.

They cut their first CD, "Down, Not Out", in May 2003. The CD was later featured on BBC Radio, where actor Bill Maynard described us as "the best, most exciting blues band he has ever seen".

The band pride themselves, not only in playing outstanding Blues, but also as an entertaining band.

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