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Chris Preston



Des Horsfall

(Vocals / Guitars / Harmonica)


Chris Turner by Peter Rollings

Chris Turner

(Bass & backing vocals)

Chris is a seasoned professional musician and played with many named acts and was bass player with numerous artistes including Gerry and the Pacemakers (5 years), Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, John Parr (St Elmo's fire).

Chris has also been active on the UK Country Rock and C&W scene. He has toured worldwide and has appeared frequently on TV shows in America, Canada, Australia, Thailand and the UK.Chris has performed at prestige venues such as Madison Square Gardens, The Royal Albert Hall, Universal Studios (Amphitheatre) (Hollywood)The London Palladium and also played at notable festivals throughout Europe including The Lubec Jazz/Blues annual festival.

Chris has an eclectic background in music and enjoys playing all genres, whether it is on Electric/Upright Bass or Guitar. Chris still teaches and mentors budding musicians on bass and guitar. He is still consistently active as a session player in the recording industry and has collaborated on notable album releases.

Chris loves the buzz of performing with quality musicians and particularly enjoys the energy generated in a musically charged live setting.

Rick Lacey


[Rick's Website]

Cliff Stocker

May Your Song

Always Be Sung . . .

Cliff Stocker's Slack Alice Fansite

Please also visit the Offical Website at

and Cliff Stocker's Slack Alice Myspace / Slack Alice Band Facebook Page / Slack Alice Group Facebook Page

Cliff Stocker's Slack Alice with special guest Zoot Money performing at Colne

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Rock Artist


RIP Cliff Stocker

Charismatic frontman, renowned vocalist, prolific songwriter and a great friend to many sadly passed away on Sun 24th April 2016, He never, never, ever gave up.

Monday Morning Blues

RIP Allan Parkinson

Allan playing at a special tribute to Cliff and Chris Day at Colne 2016

One of the founder members of Slack Alice, guitarist Allan Parkinson sadly passed away on Sunday 28th May 2017 playing with Dark Horse on stage at The Bands On The Square Festival in Barnoldswick. Allan featured on Slack Alice albums 'Broken Dreams', '... Just The Blues' and associated tracks on 'The Mutts Nuts'.

Our sympathies go to his family and friends.

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