Cliff Stocker's

One of Britain's top blues / rhythm'n'blues bands.


Slack Alice feature on Lead Vocals, Harmonica and Acoustic Guitar ...

Cliff Stocker

Founder member of Slack Alice in 1973, Cliff had previously played in 'travelling jukeboxes' touring working men's clubs, American air force bases and venues in Germany, etc. After the initial incarnation of Slack Alice, Cliff went on to record an album 'Billy Plus Nine' as Stocker, Greenwood & Friends in 1979. During the 70's he undertook a lot of session work for Chapell Music.

Later he was a member of Seven Year Itch with Dave Walmley (ex Los Bravos - of 'Black Is Black' fame) and based in Europe for a number of years. The band had a hit record in Holland 'Oh Ya Ha' (which resurfaced on Slack Alice's 'Broken Dreams' album).

Reformed Slack Alice in 1996, Cliff's distinctive gravel edged vocals are reminscent of Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart.

Two Superb Twin Lead Guitarists ...

Chris Preston - guitars

Chris's influences include Jimmy Page, he became a member of Slack Alice on their reformation in the mid 90's, an outstanding guitarist who also plays slide guitar. Chris had previously worked with Cliff in other bands.

Based in Burnley, Lancashire, Chris who has over 30 years teaching and playing experience, also provides professional guitar lessons. For more information about these services visit

Colin Redmond - guitars, banjo and backing vocals

Colin joined the band in the late 90's taking over from founder member Allan Parkinson. Colin made his Slack Alice debut at the Lincoln Imp at Scunthorpe.

Previously Colin had worked with bands on the country circuit, as well as electric guitars, Colin also plays banjo and classical guitar. His distinctive playing style has become a major feature of the band's live shows.

Another Slack Alice fact is that Colin was Chris's guitar teacher for a time.

And a powerhouse rhythm section featuring ...

Alan Sagar - bass

Alan joined Slack Alice in 2007, playing his first gig at Barrow Blues Club in April 2007.

An excellent bass player, his virtuosity can been seen in his bass solos, including the instrumental work 'Conversations' a stunning mix of uptempo mixed with quieter interludes, reflecting everyday conversations that can be heard in bars. He has also introduced some subtle bass parts to the latest version of the Slack Alice classic 'Monday Morning Blues'.

and Liam Barber - drums

Liam rejoined Slack Alice in 2012, playing his first gig back with the band at the Great British R&B Festival at Colne, he had previously played in the band until 2003. A powerful drummer with a unique hard-hitting style, he has also worked in The Rhythm Section with Ex-Rubette Tony Thorpe, recently playing in an 8 piece band for Tony's 50th Anniversary in music gig in Darwen.