2002 Profile


It's a phrase mainly used by contractors and it means "to leave work early". It has nothing to do with hurting any animals or anything else for that matter.

It started as a duet with Denny Rock and Ian Maver around July 1993. They both have always had a great love for music. After seeing the likes of Neil Young, Van Morrison and The Saw Doctors at Slane Castle in Ireland they returned home to write their first song entitled "Slane Pilgrims". Ian had a book full of poems that he had penned over a number of years. Denny had many, many tunes buzzing around in his head so the two of them decided to have a go at song writing and formed SHOOT the CROW! All their songs are written by Denny and Ian and they can be played by one or more persons. Very much an acoustic sound and most songs are about real life and real people. Not exactly a young band, average age 40 +. The new line up for 2002 is Denny Rock, Ian Maver, Trev Cunnington and Butch.. Trev has been in the band about two years, Butch about two months. The band has had many line ups. Usually friends helping out at gigs or in the recording studio. Their music could come under the category of "and now for something completely different".

Their achievements since are as follows: Entered several talent competitions. "Did quite well". Recorded one cassette single 1996. "Hey Mr. Government". Tribute to Dunblane. 4 tracks. Recorded one CD album 1998 "Friday Night Classics" 10 Tracks. Performed live on BBC Radio Humberside twice.

They have supported a number of top acts including Lindisfarne, China Crisis, Wishbone Ash, Croker & Phillips (Notting Hillbillies), Amazing Blondel, John Hutchinson (who played with David Bowie 1973 ) and Clive Gregson. The band draw on a variety of Musical influences including Mike Scott of "The Waterboys", Mike Peters from "The Alarm". Clive Gregson.The Levellers.

The band cite their ambitions as: To have recognition with at least one their songs by themselves or a well known recording artist. Doesn't matter who. To play in the Live Lounge, Radio One. Would like to tour with one of the above mentioned artists. To put their music and age group on the music map in the charts. Their plans for 2002 include to record 2nd CD with at least 12 tracks. They have got 15 new songs ready and are in the process of setting a date to record them in the summer. To promote the band and play plenty of gigs promoting their new material.

Author: Denny Rock. 7th April 2002 - Cleethorpes, N.E. Lincolnshire. / Tel No: 01472 591831; mail: denny.shootthecrow@ntlworld.com