Updated Oct 2010


Ron made his Lincolnshire debut in March 2004 for more details see webpage.

Ron Trueman-Border has been a musician in various guises since a very early age. He had his roots in rhythm and blues and has collaborated with various bands.

Though a relative newcomer to folk music, Ron is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the folk scenes most prolific songwriters, with a reputation for writing finely crafted songs. At times his vocals and songs are reminscent of Springsteen's quieter work, also a bit like another talented singer songwriter, Pete Morton.

Not only is Ron a truly gifted writer he is also an extremely talented guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Most of instrumental work on his albums is carried out by himself, although he often invites guest musicians to join him.

His work has been covered by many performers including John Scott Cree, Paul Sirman, George Wilson, Pete Fyfe, Les Elvin and Geoff Higginbottam and the list is growing.

Ron is always well received by his audiences, particularly for his very accessible chorus songs. Often he will ask other performers to come and join him 'on stage' at the end of the evening.

As well as solo performances such as tonight's, Ron has his own band Perfect Strangers, who released the CD 'Chase Me Girls I'm Chocolate' in Oct. 2003.

He has released a number of CD's including 'Dispatches' (1996 - re-issued 2002 with bonus tracks), 'Unrequited' (1997 - re-issued 2000 with bonus tracks), 'Trust' (1998), 'Heathen' (1999), 'American Ghosts' (2000), 'Breaking Hearts' (2002), 'Requests' (2002), 'Innocents Abroad' (with Felicity Greenwood) (2004) and 'Two Tears' (2006).

In addition in 2002, Ron released the live recording 'Ghosts Live - Rough & Ready' which also features Paul Sirman and 'Now Then' with John Scott Cree.

He also recorded 'Revenants - Ghosts In The Studio' (joint with Paul Sirman), 'Appropriately Wrecked' (with Perfect Strangers) in 2004. More CDs followed, including 'Children In Need' (2006), 'Two Gentlemen Of The Road' - joint album as Ghosts (2007), The Ruskin House Album for Jail Guitar Doors by RT-B & Friends (2008) and 'Life Stories' with The Perfect Strangers (2010)

For more information email suzi_belle44@hotmail.com or visit the Ron Trueman Border website