Updated Jun 2006


Time for a 'PURPLE' patch

We are the boys from Boston with tops off and torsos painted purple

PURPLE are: Ben Adams Vocals - 24 Years of age / Tom Gosling Bass - 21 / Darren Reynolds Guitar - 21 / Richard Nice Drums - 23

PURPLE originate from Boston, England. The band was born in the summer of 1998, and since the first rehearsal the group has seen members come and go, so to refine the sound and projection of the group. The band has grown, and even though quite a young group of musicians, we are thoroughly professional in all we do. The group is ambitious and hard working. Over the past five years we have taken the time to hone our music, stage performance, professionalism and band line-up. PURPLE truly believe that they are now a polished, clinical and finished article (yet obviously still learning with every new day).

We are a rock/ grunge and funk four piece-outfit. Our major influences are rock and funk bands from the early 90's music scene including Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We play some cover songs ranging from 'Sweet Home Alabama' to 'Stuck in the Middle.' The majority of our set though is made up of our own original songs. The band dresses in summer styled purple attire (i.e. cut-offs and our bodies painted with PURPLE paint).

The band has 'gigged' extensively over the past six years, and will continue to do so as we believe that there is no better feeling than playing live. We absolutely love getting our music out there and increasing our fan base. Purple always put on a lively and rememberable show that should never be missed, with which we dare boast from our performances here in England and as far as Eastern Europe.

We will succeed in the music business, and thanks to careful planning, management and advice from those in the business; we feel that Purple will achieve great things.




For further information about Purple please e-mail: adamr25@hotmail.com