Lincoln Branch of the Musicians' Union

Oct 2003 Press Release

Mark Addison has been elected as the new branch secretary of the Musicians' Union in Lincolnshire.

Mark, who lives in Sibsey near Boston, has a long track record as a musician and as a MU activist. He started playing bass guitar in rock and blues bands some thirty years ago, and moved through jazz and country until he found what he considered his natural home, in folk, roots and traditional music when he became a member of Boston Folk Club. . He joined the Boston Folk Orchestra twenty five years ago, (the original line-up still making selected appearances such as at Boston's Party in the Park), and moved through various concert and ceilidh bands including Higgledy Piggledy and the Old Parrot Band, until the lure of what he considered to be the "dream team" of Akmed's Camel (another "Party" debut band this year) became a viable possibility.

He conceived and ran the Revesby Folk festival for many years, and is a founder committee member of the Musicians' Union Folk Roots and Tradition Music (FRTM) section, as well as having served on the BBC Local Advisory Council for Lincolnshire for three years. He is also a successful songwriter, having written the winning entry in the BBC Radio Lincolnshire folk song competition for two years running. He had to retire from entering when he became co-presenter of the station's folk programme, which currently goes out at 6.30 on Wednesday evenings, but finds his experience on-air valuable in the FRTM media sub-committee.

Taking up the post from January 2004, Mark is looking forward to an increasing involvement with musicians outside his own sphere. His first aim is to increase awareness of the union in Lincolnshire and to strengthen the Lincoln branch, which is the representative branch for musicians in most of the county. In addition to all this, he is continuing to run his window cleaning business in Boston and surrounding villages!

He would be pleased to make himself available for questions from any interested parties, and can be contacted on:

01205 750753 / E mail

Website (for Akmed's Camel) :


Tel 01522 539730

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