updated Oct 2006


Kathryn has "One of the best voices on the scene" (Mike Harding - BBC Radio 2 - Nov 21 2001), and as Mike said its great for folk club audiences to have the opportunity to hear Kathryn singing in Britain's folk clubs again. Kathryn and Sean from the folk-rock crossover band Equation return to their roots, it is sure to be a memorable experience for those lucky enough to witness these special shows in small folk clubs such as The Heart Of Lincolnshire Club.

The duo who began touring in the Autumn of 2001, allowed Kathryn Roberts to make a long overdue return to her roots as a folk singer, the first time for several years that Kathryn had had the opportunity to focus back on the folk clubs that nurtured her musical career.

Excitement mounted as the duo annouced their first tours in late 2001 and early 2002, and it was not just the big folk clubs who had the opportunity to stage a duo who were to become one of the top couples performing on the national scene, Kathryn and Sean also included many of the country's smaller clubs in their schedule and they continue to do so to this day.

A singer of the highest calibre, she was the first singer to win the prestigious BBC Young Tradition Award back in 1994. Around the same time she formed an award winning partnership with Kate Rusby, that later developed from a duo format, into roots rock act Equation that brought her and Sean to new audiences at festivals and in the concert halls across Europe and USA.

Now with fellow 'Equation' member guitarist Sean Lakeman she is re-capturing the inspiring rapport that exists between performer and audience in the intimate folk club setting. With an eclectic repertoire of traditional songs alongside favourites from the likes of Lowell George, Randy Newman and Suzanne Vega, Kathryn and Sean wear their roots and influences proudly on their sleeves.

As the lead singer for the well-known Folk-Rock Crossover band 'Equation', Kathryn has toured the world with the group and continues to play to packed houses from Los Angeles to Lisbon. Her commitments with Equation mean that opportunities for folk club appearances are limited, but playing the clubs is something that is close to her heart, and this clearly shows during the duo's live performances.

Sean shares her affection as his early career was also launched upon the folk club circuit, both as an accompanist to geordie fiddle favourite Tom McConville and with his two siblings as 'The Lakeman Brothers'. The duo debuted their 'folk' set at the Holmfirth Folk Festival and at the Loughborough Folk Club where their roof rattling live performances were laced with a selection of fiery traditional songs and covers of songs written by some of the greatest singer-songwriters.

The duo have released two CD's both of which have received airplay on both national (BBC Radio 2 ~ Bob Harris) and regional (Folkwaves, etc) radio shows. They were nominated for the 'Best Duo' in the 2003 BBC Folk Awards.

For more information about Kathryn and Sean visit their website.