Added Feb 2004


Europe's No. 1 Blondie tribute fronted by 29 year old blonde bombshell Samantha Cabane from Birmingham UK.

Into The Bleach are the only band worldwide to have 100% endorsement from the real Blondie. Sam is a personal friend of Blondie and has toured with the real band.

"Sam is great, her looks, voice and mannerisms spook me" (Deborah Harry)

She has appeared on many TV shows, including a film documentry on Blondie and 'The Big Breakfast', and as well as her musical career has acted too, appearing in several episodes of 'Crossroads'.

"Sam is pitch perfect and should have a New York Broadway Show" (Clem Burke - Blondie drummer)

Into The Bleach have performed at Knebworth and also The Bulldog Bash. They received glowing accolades from Whitesnake for a stunning supporting role, and have performed prestigious after show parties for Uriah Heep and Nazareth.

In 2003 the real Blondie were unavailable for a gig in Rome and recommended that Into The Bleach fly out and take over, the excited fans in the Italian capital turned into a frenzy when the tribute band hit the stage.

Each year local business man Tony Mastin (who actually met Deborah Harry and visited her New York home) promotes a big show at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe, this year's show takes place earlier than normal, and sadly may be one of the last concerts at this famous old venue.

Sam herself has hankered for many years to perform at 'The Baths' but were always booked when enquires were made, so they are thrilled to be playing this gig. In addition to appearing at the Baths Hall, Sam has made a cash donation to the Save Scunny campaign and is calling on support from musicians from around the UK to help ensure the future of the venue. (remember Lincolnshire has already lost The Boston Gliderdrome famous in the 60's & 70's as a regular venue and the Lincoln Ritz in the 90's.)

Into The Bleach promise a special extended set featuring all the classics and favourites including early hits from 'Xoffender', 'Rip Her To Shreads' and 'Denis' to latter day hits 'Maria' and 'Good Boys'.

For more information about Into The Bleach visit their website (click on link below)

Tickets for the show at the Baths Hall, Scunthorpe are priced at £6.70 and £7.70. Tel 01724 277733 / 277744 for info / box office.

(a venue whose future is still uncertain!)