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(Updated 27 July 2000)

July 27th Update

Fizgig Update! - Following some disappointing news at the beginning of July we are pleased to announce that the Fizgig website has been recognised as a valuable source of information about Live music in Lincolnshire by both the Lincolnshire County Council 'Linnet' website & BBC Radio Lincolnshire - Links to our website can be found on both of these sites, & reciprocal links can be found on our Links page & some other pages to these useful sites.

July 1st - update:

We are normally too busy updating our gig & news pages to update our homepage regularly, but we have some important, if disappointing (but not totally unexpected!) news.

We have been looking for ways of re-introducing our Fizgig guide as a hard copy guide for those who do not have access to the internet, as sponsorship has not been forthcoming we applied for a grant from East Midlands Arts under their recent Audience Development Scheme, as we felt Fizgig was a viable method of developing audiences in the East Midlands area, as if people are not aware that events are taking place then people will not attend events .... no audience!

We understand that this funding round received a large selection of very high quality applications. Due to the pressure of completing funds, the panel though interested in our application were not able to recommend its selection for development support.

It appears that with lots of new audience development ideas currently being funded, Fizgig will be kept busy bringing news of these new schemes to potential audiences ....... !

It would appear that we need to develop our proposal, or other ideas further to be considered for the next round of the Audience Development Scheme which takes place in October. We not sure how we can develop Fizgig further currently, given the fact that it is a hobby, if any visitors to our site have ideas, please let us know. Or if there's anyone out there who would like to sponsor Fizgig in its original format & help us relaunch the popular 'hard copy' guide, which of course would be now enhanced by our website.

Email ~


For further information regarding audience development

email East Midlands Arts at:


Of course we're disappointed that at present we cannot re-introduce Fizgig as a more accessible guide, we are still looking at other ways of making our information available to a wider audience, watch this space ...... !

***************************************************************** February 2000 Update!

With the advent of the 3rd Millenniun Fizgig continues to bring news of a wide variety of music, theatre & arts events taking place around Lincolnshire & the East Midlands of England.

After some 6 years of hard work endeavouring to heighten the profile of the Lincolnshire music scene via our gig guide, & more latterly to a world-wide audience with our web site, we understand that at long last some recognition of the contemporary music scene in Lincolnshire is taking place, though currently Fizgig does not appear to be an integral part of East Midlands Arts plans relating to this new project, though we actually helped promote their research for this new inititive using our facilities!

Interestingly this research established a need to provide a regular events calendar (gig guide?), newsletters (Fizgig also included news from the Lincolnshire music scene), a directory of bands and artists (Fizgig profiles section), radio links (our guide is currently used by 3 local radio stations!), and of course in this modern era e-mail & website (with information about Lincolnshire music scene - another service currently provided by Fizgig!). A new organisation has been formed to provide these services, so maybe in the not too distant future there will be no need for Fizgig!

It appears to be policy in Britian to fail to back proven projects, we carried out our own research which established a need for Fizgig, proved that it could be done, before approaching anyone for financal support. On occasions since then we have approached arts agencies / councils regarding Fizgig, most have failed to even reply to our letters. Obviously they do not appear to value the service we currently provide, whilst backing the research that discovered what we already knew, that the Lincolnshire music scene really does need something like Fizgig!


We had hoped perhaps that by now we would have been able to revive the original printed Fizgig guide, sadly we have currently received no offers of the sponsorship required to bring that guide into the 21st century, but we have managed through our own endeavours to bring the concept of Fizgig into the 21st century, in a medium that will eventually be available to many more people, a medium that can be updated & a medium that is available to a far wider audience across the world, providing information about the area's live music scene for prospective visitors to the county. We recently met a couple, from the West Midlands, who had come to a Lincolnshire town, specially for a gig & were staying the night at a local hotel. They enjoyed their stay in the county so much, that they are planning to visit the county again next summer! (so music can be an attraction to the area, though it seems that it is often overlooked as a tourist attraction!).

But for those who haven't heard of us before, we used to produce a regular gig guide for Lincolnshire (England) for almost 5 years, called 'Fizgig'. Since its inception late one night in August 1994, Fizgig grew from an initial 60 copies of the gig guide, to a regular circulation of 1300 to 1500 copies a month, distributed across Lincolnshire & beyond... Fizgig was regularly been distributed to the towns of Lincoln, Grimsby, Boston, Cleethorpes, Scunthorpe, Spalding, Stamford, Gainsborough, Skegness, Horncastle, Louth, Skegness, Horncastle, Wainfleet, Spilsby, as well as Newark, & even to venues in Nottingham. Sadly despite our efforts we could not keep the printed version of our guide going, as no sponsors have so far come forward to help us relaunch Fizgig in its old guise, however we have the next best thing ~ a website, which we can regularly update with information as we receive it ~ but if there are any businesses, individuals or other organisations who feel that sponsoring a gig guide to Lincolnshire would be a worthwhile venture, please contact us at:

Our guide covers all kinds of live music as well as theatre productions, within our pages you will find rock, including indie rock, punk rock, melodic rock & classic rock: There's blues of all kinds, be it Chicago blues, Swing blues, Rhythm & blues, blues rock, boogie woogie, acoustic blues, Hawaiian blues, 'cause blues is our real favourite! There's folk too! including folk rock, traditional folk, original & acoustic songs, folk roots, Cajun & world music: For jazz fans we include New Orleans jazz, traditional jazz, mainstream jazz, modern jazz, dixieland jazz, swing jazz, as well as big band concerts: Lovers of sweet soul music will find classic 60's soul, as well as Northern soul, Cleethorpes was on a par with Wigan as a Northern soul venue in the 60's & 70's. There's popular classical music, Early music, Renaissance to Baroque at venues around Lincolnshire, including Lincoln cathedral & Boston 'Stump'. For country fans, we include country & western music, Western swing, country rock & New Country. As with many areas there's a keen audience for tribute bands, & 60's, 70's & 80's pop music, to relive those memories. Finally the county has a number of spring & summer Festivals including The Folk, Food, Drink & Dance festival, Alford Jazz Festival, Cleethorpes Folk Festival & Lincoln Folk Festival, Alford Craft Festival. Indeed there's music for everyone within Fizgig's pages, please check our site out regularly to find out what is happening music wise in Lincolnshire, as we often hear people say that Lincolnshire has little to offer in the way of entertainment, slowly but surely people are finding out about Lincolnshire's wealth of live music, venues & music clubs & going out & supporting those people who promote live music in the area.

Another loss during 1999, occurred some months after the last edition of Fizgig magazine, when BBC Radio Lincolnshire decided to revamp our weekly feature which not only brought news of the weekend gigs but also included some of the excellent music that could be heard at local venues. In the year 2000 we understand that the BBC are hosting a week-long UK-Wide event in celebration of live music making, The BBC Millennium Music Live Festival, but in 1999 it seemed there were other priorities, & sadly our short pieces promoting the music of artists, & gigs were cut from Friday's prime time slot.

However the Fizgig gig guide still provides regularly updated gig information via it's web site, often on a daily basis, we currently still provide daily information for local radio stations. (including Lincs FM & Trax), information from our site is used by Alberta & Mississippi Bill in compiling their weekly column in the Boston Target Group of newspapers whose 75,000 copies reach people in Mid & East Lincolnshire.

If you are a venue currently promoting live music please continue to send, phone, fax or email details of your events to Fizgig as before, so we can continue to help you promote your gigs to the people of Lincolnshire, don't forget that this is a FREE service that can reach 100,000's of people around the county, in a variety of different ways apart from just a website, so 'Catch the wave' with Fizgig !!!!!

You can e-mail details of your gigs & events to:

for inclusion on our site & wherever else we may be able to publicise them for you, & don't forget this is a free service!





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