Thursday 28th June 2001

We are pleased to bring the virtuoso hammered dulcimer player to the Heart Of Lincolnshire Club. Born in Massachusetts, Jim has been a favourite with British audiences since he first played in the UK in 1981. He has been resident here since 1982, he has worked both as a solo performer and with The D'Uberville Ramblers. Jim's mesmerizing playing of the wonderful and unique Appalachian instrument and arrangements of traditional songs many originating from the mountains of America are both captivating & relaxing. A world class musician, Jim features on 'Ovo', Peter Gabriel's musical project / album celebrating the Millennium, Jim plays hammered dulcimer on 'The Time Of The Turning (reprise) / Weavers Reel' track. The 'Ovo' musical show was also performed in the Millennium Dome. In addition Jim has performed on TV shows including BBC One's 'Pebble Mill at One' and ITV's 'Coast To Coast'. His unique skills have been showcased by Icelandic pop star Bjork, Jim playing on her CD 'Post', on national radio, BBC Radio 1 (Andy Kershaw), 2 (Folk On Two) & 4 (The Music Box / BBC Schools Orchestra). The hammered dulcimer is a multi stringed instrument whose origins are lost in the mists of time, but probably originated in the middle east and was popular in Eastern Europe, before being taken up by the people who played Old Time music in the USA's Appalachian Mountains. Jim plays & sings old time Mountain music and modern popular and classical pieces. If you haven't heard a hammered dulcimer played professionally, this is as good as it gets! Jim's playing lives long in the memory of those who have seen this popular artist in action.

Tickets £4.00